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Unwilling to let go...

Is anyone else still clinging, rather sadly, to their childhood?

I can spend hours listening to 80s/early 90s music or watching movies like The Labyrinth or Land Before Time, wishing desperately that I could go back in time and stay there. I go out of my way to find/buy things I can associate with my childhood/teenage years (toys, CDs, anything). I don't like the idea of being an adult. All I want is to "go out and play" or simply do nothing at all and not have to worry about grocery shopping or other "adult" things.

It feels like it wasn't so long ago that all of this happened. It feels like just yesterday I was in preschool, high school. It almost seems natural to stand at a bus stop and get on with my Care Bears lunchbox, as if it were any other school day, even though I'm too old to do so anymore. Like 15 years was only 2 days in length. Know what I mean?

It hurts even more when I see friends/family that I've known since I was little, suddenly go to college or get married. I have a close friend who wants to move to England to be a nanny, a childhood friend who just had her first kid, and a younger sister who will be moving to Chicago soon to pursue a fashion career (it feels like just yesterday when I told her bedtime stories). I almost want to scream, "Have you forgotten who you were? Don't you remember when we used to "Big Wheel" around the neighborhood, or play Barbies? Why am I the only one who hasn't changed, who still cherishes these things?" I almost feel betrayed.

Am I crazy? I just feel unwilling to accept my adulthood, even though I know I should (and that makes me feel miserable).

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Hey does anyone remember the programme 'out of this world'? I loved the programme so much that i made my own box that she used to speak to her dad with. Broken home, what can i say!!? Or Eerie Indiana? It never was the same when they changed the actor Omri, i seriously annoyed my mum one night though when i refused to go out for a walk with her so i could watch it, it was sooo good. There are probably many other things, i'll have to think on my childhood....oh no here comes the depression!

color changing t's

what ever happened to those shirts that would change color when you touched them? i never owned one :( but i thought it was really cool and i always wondered how it worked!

btw: would there happen to be anyone in this community who was born on the same day as me - feb 14th? i'm curious to know if i'd be any more similar to someone born on the same day AND year as myself.

Reflecting on my 80's childhood

I was channel surfing the other day and came across this thing on Micheal Jackosn on VH1. It got me thinking about how I abs. loved him when I was a child. I had a tape of him and I listened to it all the time. Whether I was coloring or playing with my little people, I had that tape on. And the Thriller video...loved it! I will say that I am not too fond of him now to be quite honest!
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I'm in a nostalgic mood, so I'm going to ramble on about some stuff that I remember from the past.

Pop Rocks. I know that they were a late 70's thing (because it was on I Love the 70's!) but I remember eating them a lot. I liked the popping sensation. I can never find any of them around here anymore, but I was able to find a Pop Rocks t-shirt at Wet Seal a while back.

Those Tamagotchi and Nano deals that came out in '97. I remember the one Tamagotchi I had. It was yellow, and it was always dying because I had to hide it when I was in class. I also had two Nano Baby things - one green, and one orange. Later on, my school district banned them.

Jem. God, that was the coolest show ever. It made me want to be a rock star (and I'm sure other girls wanted to be one once they watched it, too). At least I got the playing music part down. =D

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember when they were the "in thing." Haha. My sister and I got a ton of action figures and people thought we were weird. They'd always say, "Uh, girls don't play with those." LOL

Orbitz (??). I'm not sure if any of you remember them, but they were these drinks with like...edible balls suspended in the drink. They'd have fruity flavors - usually two different fruity things mixed together. It's kinda hard to explain the feeling when you swallowed one of those...balls. Hahaha. They quit making them around '98 or so.

If anyone wants to join in, feel free. =D