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 Hi! My name is Aily and I've hit the dreaded 26 that a few people were panicking about earlier in the year. I guess most of us have now. I think it's worse than 25. Still we were born in a fairly good era, I enjoyed my childhood anyway...

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hey all,

b. august 11, 1981

i thought it funny because i clicked on my interest of 'stressing out' to see who else actually would be interested in that.. and this is the first community that came up! :P

so, hi!

ps. 26 is really going to be hard..that's late twenties people! :'(


Born September 17th, 1981.

So, I went to look for more communities on Jem and the Holograms and stumbled across this.

Good to see a community like this. ^_^
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hi i'm new :)

born oct 22 1981... so that makes me a libra/scorpio cusp as well as an gen x/y cusp i guess :)

do you guys relate more to being "child of the 80's" or "child of the 90's"? i mean in those surveys and quizes or even in you everday travels down memory lane.. which do you remember/associate with more? Me? the early 90s! though i know a lot of people 1-2 years younger who more so associate themselves as child of the 80s.. but everything they remember, i remember it being from 1990-1994.

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I'm happy to see there's a community for this. My name's Dave and I was born on March 11. I'm mainly here for the discussion about whether we're Gen X or Gen Y. I think I have characteristics of both, though I identify a little more with X. Maybe I just think they seemed cooler back in the day, when I was first getting into MTV and music and stuff. There seemed to be a boom both before and after our year, so I always thought we were kind of in a class of our own.
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September 2 birthday here. Just thought I'd introduce myself. Anyone else remember watching MTV when you were elementary school age and thinking about just how *wierd* music videos were?
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Reporting In

Hello, fellow 81'ers! What an interesting community idea! Can I join too? I'll be representing September 17th at the far ends of summer and Virgo (Unless you're into sidereal astrology, in which case Virgo is just beginning!).

I'm a communications (Film, TV, radio, journalism) graduate in Portland, Oregon, USA. What worries me most about becoming 25 in a week is that I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. Gasp! Could this be my own cliché quarter-life crisis? To quote the 80's, "How very"! Or is that from the 90's? Anyway, if I could, I'd somehow find a way to get paid for all the art collages and short films I like to make. Although I don't know if I could part with my collages, they're all so personal and they cover my walls nicely.

Not too many milestones to becoming one score and five years. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is that now we can get rental cars from those companies that have the highest minimum age policy. Although we're still ten years away from being able to become president in the US, so we're not hardly old at all if there are still age milestones ahead of us. Apparently I'm suddenly a glass-is-half-full person!

How is everyone? What does being 25 mean to all of you? Have a good weekend!

Hi ya's!!!


I stumbled across this community looking for... I don't actually know what. I get bored and browse LJ alot.

I'm an Aussie, and will be 25 on the 27th. Currently finishing uni and just feel so old compared to everyone else there!

I love the idea of this place. People will probably know what I'm talking about when I mention cartoons, TV shows and toys from the 80's!!!

So yeah. Feel free to add me.
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Hello Everybody!

Hello, I'm Amy and I was born on November 16th (you know the year!)  I'm glad to find a community like this.  I've taken a while to finish college and I'm surrounded by people several years younger than me, so I'm glad to find people who are exactly my age.  I really cannot think of anyone born in 1981 (all of my friends in HS were born in 1982)
Eventhough people might not like my comment on this, I think whoever it was that coined us the "9/11" generation was pretty spot on.  Not that I'm in to all of that patriotism crap (I love my country, but I'm not deluded about it), but I think it really changed the way people our age think.  There wasn't too much going on politically when they labeled "GenerationX" and it showed because it was a pretty laid back group of people.  Not that we're not laid back, but we have a hell of a lot more to worry about (economy, how the US stands internationally, the US angrying more terrorists)
I love all of the 80s culture I can remember from that time and it's weird because I identify with it more than the 90s or 2000s.  Probably bc it was more childish than the 90s or 2000s and I identified with that more, as I was a child back then (am I making sense??)  Or maybe pop culture is childish all of the time, and I only identified with it when I was a kid.  

I'll quit blabbering right now and just say it's good to be here.


Hello everyone!

Hey everyone!

I'm 24 and will turn 25 in November. I just found this community--what a great place to meet others born in 1981. :) Well, I'm interested in going to grad school for social work, I love to write, believe in God, jam to 80s music (how can I not?), and I thought I'd just stop by here to see what's up with everyone born in 1981! Take care and feel free to add me. :)