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Reflecting on my 80's childhood

I was channel surfing the other day and came across this thing on Micheal Jackosn on VH1. It got me thinking about how I abs. loved him when I was a child. I had a tape of him and I listened to it all the time. Whether I was coloring or playing with my little people, I had that tape on. And the Thriller video...loved it! I will say that I am not too fond of him now to be quite honest!
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I'm in a nostalgic mood, so I'm going to ramble on about some stuff that I remember from the past.

Pop Rocks. I know that they were a late 70's thing (because it was on I Love the 70's!) but I remember eating them a lot. I liked the popping sensation. I can never find any of them around here anymore, but I was able to find a Pop Rocks t-shirt at Wet Seal a while back.

Those Tamagotchi and Nano deals that came out in '97. I remember the one Tamagotchi I had. It was yellow, and it was always dying because I had to hide it when I was in class. I also had two Nano Baby things - one green, and one orange. Later on, my school district banned them.

Jem. God, that was the coolest show ever. It made me want to be a rock star (and I'm sure other girls wanted to be one once they watched it, too). At least I got the playing music part down. =D

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember when they were the "in thing." Haha. My sister and I got a ton of action figures and people thought we were weird. They'd always say, "Uh, girls don't play with those." LOL

Orbitz (??). I'm not sure if any of you remember them, but they were these drinks with like...edible balls suspended in the drink. They'd have fruity flavors - usually two different fruity things mixed together. It's kinda hard to explain the feeling when you swallowed one of those...balls. Hahaha. They quit making them around '98 or so.

If anyone wants to join in, feel free. =D
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I caught the 1981 episode of I Love the 80s: 3D a few days ago...so this might be something of interest.

They did a little segment on some machine called the Osborne 1 (which was pretty much the first laptop). The damn thing weighed 23 1/2 pounds, had a tiny 5-inch screen, and had these weird floppy disks that couldn't even hold that much information!! A five-inch screen?! Insane!!!

Wow, I'm glad that technology has advanced so much that we're not stuck using computers like THAT anymore!
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I saw a commercial for a Care Bears DVD today..."Wish Bear's Big Adventure" or some shit. Soon afterward, I saw a commercial for Candyland: the DVD game. I know, kids are into 80's nostalgia and stuff now, but what disturbed me was that they were both in 3-D ANIMATION. That sorta freaked me out (especially when Wish Bear moved...the 3-D animators must've fucked up somewhere because it made me jump!). My eyes, my eyes!!!

Also, I caught "Drawn Together" on Comedy Central and there was a character - albeit, quite psychotic - based on Strawberry Shortcake. Hahahaha.

And of course, I Love the 80's: 3-D (haha, funny that I posted about those commercials...) will be on this week. I can't wait.