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Going To Be 25

My birthday is coming up. November 10th.

I don't know if I'm young or old. It's a scary feeling. My big sister just got married (Oct 22). She is 22 months older than I am. Guess what that makes me think a little too hard about?

The mikveh lady actually asked me when it would be my turn. Ugh.

I have serious misgivings about being 25. I'm not sure I want it. Can I refuse when it's offered?
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Today,at 11h24 I'll be 25 !!!

 I thought about it so much and had all mixed feelings,but today I'm actually just in a good mood about it :D

Quarter of a century birthday plans?

What does everyone have planned, or what has everyone done to celebrate your quarter of a century birthday?

Myself, I will be going to a Japanese restaurant with some of my close friends and then going to a little spot known for their food and wines and desserts (it's just a really nice place, period) for... Dessert. A friend and I will also be eventually driving down to Minnesota to run in a half-marathon and then go to the Mall of America for spending vast amounts of money I don't have on things I don't need. All in the name of my birthday (which is in October, but I like to know what I'm doing well ahead of time so that when the plans change I can be nice and dissapointed and make people feel guilty).

color changing t's

what ever happened to those shirts that would change color when you touched them? i never owned one :( but i thought it was really cool and i always wondered how it worked!

btw: would there happen to be anyone in this community who was born on the same day as me - feb 14th? i'm curious to know if i'd be any more similar to someone born on the same day AND year as myself.
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I made a great discovery today (or DID I?).

I know that the Birthday function has existed on El Jhey for a while (in fact I've used a link to it on many of my layouts), but I didn't know that it also existed for communities!!! So I'm going to delete the birthday entry that I made a few months back and just use El Jhey's automated version. I'll have a link to it in the user info for everyone's perusal.

I find it so awesome that there's 3 people in here that have the exact same birthday (May 24th). =D

Also, it's a few days late, but happy 2 month anniversary to this community! I'm really glad that you've all joined and stuck around. Hopefully we'll have more people here in the months to come.

/end administrative-like entry