Kimi (kimihope) wrote in _born_in_1981_,

Does anyone else look much younger than 24/25?  I'm not really complaining because it will be nice when I'm in my 30's and older.  I just think it's funny when I go out and people assume I'm 18.  I love the reactions I get when I tell them that I'm actually 25.  Recently, I was purchasing cigarettes at a gas station and the cashier made the comment that I didn't look a day over 18.  And the man behind him said, "no, I bet she's 17".  Most people guess that I'm 18 or 19.  The oldest I get is 22...and it's usually by someone who's drunk.  Out of my brother, sister, and I everyone thinks that I'm the youngest when I'm actually the oldest.  I have yet for someone to guess my actual age. 
Tags: is this normal?

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