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I don't know if this has been discussed before, but has anyone thought about the label of our generation? We aren't quite "Generation X", so for a while back in high school we were called "Gerneraion Y". Then when 9/11 rolled around we were "Generation 9/11"


It's funny, because I don't think I've ever had a good friend born in 1981. I was born in November, so I was class of 2000 in high school. Most of my friends were born in 1982. Not a huge deal, but I don't get to talk about 1981 stuff with them ;)
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I'm reading a lot of entries about how people feel "old". I really can't believe that since I feel so incredibly young! Maybe I'm past the point where I can sit around all day not thinking about my future, but I definitely don't consider that old. I'm just sayin'. . .
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Alternative Birthdays

Hey, 1981'ers! I ran across an interesting link not too long ago and I thought I'd share it with the community so that we can all have a new way of looking at our time on this planet. I give you the Alternative Birthday Calculator:

Using this tool, I found that my 10,000th day of life is coming up here in a couple days, and by extension, so too is that number coming up (Or possibly passed) for everyone in this community. Ten thousand days is a funny concept to wrap my mind around. Time for some reflection! There are several other fun numbers there too like how many seconds we've been alive and other nonsense. Go check it out and ponder the mysteries of life!
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 Hi! My name is Aily and I've hit the dreaded 26 that a few people were panicking about earlier in the year. I guess most of us have now. I think it's worse than 25. Still we were born in a fairly good era, I enjoyed my childhood anyway...

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hey all,

b. august 11, 1981

i thought it funny because i clicked on my interest of 'stressing out' to see who else actually would be interested in that.. and this is the first community that came up! :P

so, hi!

ps. 26 is really going to be hard..that's late twenties people! :'(

Feeling my age

I'm really feeling my age this year. I'll be 26 in March and I am NOT happy about it. It's depressing *single tear* That's 4 years from 30, 14 from 40! In 2 years it'll be my high school reunion! It's all too much for me right now. Especially since I have nothing to show for it but sweat and tears.

Yet, I still feel very young, around 16 or my late teens at best. I think I'll probably always be this way. I just can't "act adult." My brain doesn't pick up on that. How long do you think I can hold off having to wear those ugly, frilly granny clothes? With the sequinned vests and odd-colored pants?


Born September 17th, 1981.

So, I went to look for more communities on Jem and the Holograms and stumbled across this.

Good to see a community like this. ^_^
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hi i'm new :)

born oct 22 1981... so that makes me a libra/scorpio cusp as well as an gen x/y cusp i guess :)

do you guys relate more to being "child of the 80's" or "child of the 90's"? i mean in those surveys and quizes or even in you everday travels down memory lane.. which do you remember/associate with more? Me? the early 90s! though i know a lot of people 1-2 years younger who more so associate themselves as child of the 80s.. but everything they remember, i remember it being from 1990-1994.