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*.:Think you got enough booty to be BOOTYLICIOUS?!?.:*

Show us the booty! ;)

.:*prove to us you're bootylicious*.:
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

Welcome to bootylicious! A community for the guys and girls that are just too irresistible! Once you get accepted you can post more pictures of your bootylicious self or tell us about anything thats on your mind! Just remember to follow the rules or you will be banned!

+You must apply to be accepted.
+Write *new* in the subject so that we know you are applying. If you are a stamped member already please put *stamped* in the subject.
+Once you have applied, there will be a 3 day voting period and then you will either be stamped or rejected. Usually its 2/3 majority...
+Do not vote or comment on any post that is not your own unless you are a member.
+Play nice! Please do not be harsh, you know what I'm talking about. Be honest but dont't get carried away.
+Please realize that your looks will get rated and people will be critical and tell you whats on their minds so dont get offended!
+Do not trash the moderators or you will be automatically banned.
+If you are rejected, you can re-apply again after a week.

To apply:

1)Fill out the following questions on your first entry
+Current Location:
+Favorite Bands:
+Favorite Movies:
+Tell us something unique about you:
+Why do you think you are worthy of being a part of this bootylicious community:
+On average, about how often do you get some booty:
+Who’s booty do you wanna hit the most:

2)Post at least 2 clear and visible pictures of yourself behind an lj-cut. Dont know how? Go here..lj-cuts

Accepted Members

50 cent, a static lullaby, aeropostale, afi, all american rejects, american eagle, being hot, being sexy, belovednc, big pimpin, big red, big things, black hawk down, bling bling, booty dancing, bootylicious, boys, boys cologne, brand new, brooks and dunn, bubble baths, candles, candy, cartwheels, cell phone, chapstick, cheese, chicken, chili cheese fries, classic rock, clothes, coke, converse, cookie dough, count the stars, country, cowboys, craziness, daniel, dashboard confessional, digital camera, dont look down, eminem, emo, eric clapton, falling in love, fast forward, feet, finch, fish, flowers, food, forever21, frank sinatra, friends, fruit, funeral for a friend, gatorade, george strait, glasseater, god, grade, green, green day, hoobastank, hottness, internet, italian food, j bear, jet skiing, jimmy eat world, john mayer, jokes, journeys, kareoke, kenny chesney, laughs, led zepplin, looking good, lucky perfume, magic sticks, markers, mexican food, milk shakes, motion city soundtrack, movies, mp3 player, music, my bed, northstar, o'connor, oc, orange, outkast, pacsun, peanut butter, photos, pimp juice, pimps, pink, pizza, playas, popcorn, pringles man, pulmenary artery, rating communities, red hot chili peppers, ribbons, rufio, running, ryan, saves the day, saving private ryan, sexy drummers, shopping, sleepover partys, soft things, something corporate, spanish, spiderman, spitalfield, spurs, stars, story of the year, straylight run, sugarcult, taking back sunday, tears of the sun, techno, teeth, the 80s, the ataris, the beach, the f horn, the getup kids, the juliana theory, the movielife, the ramones, the starting line, the used, thursday, tim mcgraw, tv, unwritten law, war movies, water skiing, weezer, yellowcard