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+Name: Meg
+Age: 15
+Current Location: Walled Lake, Michigan
+Favorite Bands: Fall Out Boy, Green Day, MCR, TBS, Sense Fail, System of a Down, Theory of a Deadman, The Used, Papa Roach, Blink-182, Jet, Relient K, B-52s, Counting Crows, Nelly, 50Cent, Eminem, Ludacris, The Game, Ciara
+Favorite Movies: The Notebook <3*, CaddyShack, Finding Nemo!!
+Tell us something unique about you: I can touch my tounge to my nose :-p
+Why do you think you are worthy of being a part of this bootylicious community: Because I am bootylicious
+On average, about how often do you get some booty: Oh man .. thats classified :-X
+Who’s booty do you wanna hit the most: Haha .. gotta say Chad Michael Murray or Adam Brody :D

2)Post at least 2 clear and visible pictures of yourself - under eljay cut

ooah whoose ghetto now? haha Not Me!!

sO seductiive! haha oh btw .. thats a star by my eye! lol



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