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+Name: eLizabeth
+Age: 16
+Current Location: Long Beach CA
+Favorite Bands: (and artists!!) Korn, Slipknot, System of a Down, Linkin Park, LiL Kim,
+Favorite Movies: Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Speed, West Side Story, Got Served, Queen of the Damned
+Tell us something unique about you: i make THA BEST gangsta cakes (no they aint special but i used 2 b a G) and i kno how to perrear (as in, i can dance to REGGAETON)
+Why do you think you are worthy of being a part of this bootylicious community: i love to take pictures, see pictures and rate people
+On average, about how often do you get some booty: heehee... thats on the hush hush
+Who’s booty do you wanna hit the most: ooooooh... don't ask ME that!! ;)

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