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Welcome to _boomboxromance, probably one of the hottest communities on eljay. We're a rating community for those 15+ who are really hot, cute, pretty, you name it, and for those who want to converge with other eljay users to discuss anything from music and art to whatever is going on in their lives and maybe make some friends while at it.

boombox_member - our lovely members. when applying; [&!] You must be 15+ year old only [&!] Guys and Gals are welcome here equally [&!] Don't post/vote until you have been accepted [&!] If your application is getting slagged off chances are you're a loser. Take it like a man/woman [&!] Fill out the whole application form. Otherwise it's goodbye to you motherfucker [&!] Don't even bother disagreeing with the mods, we own you [&!] Don't insult existing users. You know why? They're cooler than you [&!] Don't Promote your shitty communities to us [&!] Put your application under an lj cut. We don't want our fancy friends pages clogged up by 1001 applications [&!] Put "move to the beat" in your subject line when applying once accepted; [&!] Stay active. Inactive users shall be kicked out. If you're away, let us know, otherwise we'll kick you out and you'll have to apply again. [&!] Promote. A big community is an interesting community. [&!] Got a problem? Discuss it with the mods maturely. They'll probably listen. [&!] When posting put "stamped//then whatever you want your title to be". [&!] Have fun and all that jazz. if rejected; [&!] Leave quietly. No one likes a drama queen. [&!] You can reapply in a couple of weeks if you want to. Try and at least pretend you want to be here and give us more that one word answers.Promote usAcception/Rejection Banners No current theme. Challenges are based only on looks. Post 3 good pictures of you and the person you want to challenge at any time. (under a cut) The members with vote on who they think is hotter. The loser must leave and can re-apply at any time and try their luck with getting back in. </td>