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This is a book club for a group of individuals on Livejournal. All of us have come together through friends and have formed a wonderful bond. We all share the same interest, and that would be none other than books .


1.) Everyone gets a turn in choosing a book of their choice.

2.) Whoever picked the previous book picks a person they would like to have do it next.

3.) The person who gets to choose the book has to give all of us two-three choices, and we all vote on one to read. It has to be one that none of us have ever read before.

4.) We'll have a discussion halfway through the book and at the end. Throughout the book it is wise to write down questions you'd like to bring up at the scheduled chat. Opinions and criticism are welcome too!

5.) On a scheduled date, we'll post our discussions in the community and work from there. It is much more convienent.

6.) Anyone is welcome, as long as they are willing to get along with everyone and participate!

7.) The club is flexible and we work based on when people are able to do it.

8.) If you are not able to participate, it is asked that you post in the community that you won't be able to. If you don't, we'll never know and we'll expect you to participate. It is always respectful to let someone know ahead of time.

If you like the idea of this club and are interested in creating a big friendship and furthering your book reading, then join this community!


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