neosyntetika (neosyntetika) wrote in _bono_fans_,

I Dream of Bono

Hey guys. Brand new here.

I keep having dreams about Bono, and it's just WEIRD. I have always loved the hell out of U2 and of course Bono himself, but in the last 2 months, I've got Bono on the brain. The most recent one was that I was at an airport, and I suppose I was part of the press or something like that, as I remember taking a ton of pictures of the band before they got on a plane. Bono and I started talking and we hit it off really well, and he invited me to shoot their next tour date and we got on the plane together, just talking and talking and talking.

Apart from the ones where he's a new or a good friend, there's always the ones where he's asking me out on a date heeeeeeeeee!

Your best/favorite Bono dream?
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