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i have a playlist with some "thinspirational" music, but i was wondering if anyone out there has some recommendations. i want more than thirty-five songs.

i like every kind of music out there, or i can learn to love it, so suggest anything that helps you stay on the right track, even if the lyrics don't directly deal with e.d.'s, like ted leo's "me and mia" or sia's "breathe me."

THANKS GUYS! and stay strong. ♥


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Alright the week after this is Spring Break and it's a Bikini every day.

This week I can only eat fruit for breakfast

Water all day

A snack Tuesday afternoon and one Thursday

That is all, exercise every day.

And you ladies will hold me too it, because everyday I'll post what I ate and if I ate more, I better get some heavy crap from all you lovely girls!

<3 Think Thin


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I have one question for you lovely ladies...

Don't you just love being thin?

It is worth all the tears, the hunger pains, the starving ourselves just to see through the beauty on the inside,

the beauty of our bones.

<3 Amiee

hello everyone

I'm new here, first post.

Name: Grace
Age: 15.5
Height: 5'9.5"
HW: 130 ish
LW: 109
CW: 121
Short term goal : 115
Long term goal: 107
-I was diagnosed with anorexia about a year and a half ago. The past year I dropped it, for the most part, but now I'm back.
-I'm here because I have an overpowering desire to loose weight, to be thinner. I think that may have been triggered by my recent step into the world of modeling, but it's really always been in me.

*** I want support, feel free to add me, it'd be appreciated.


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Hello lovelies,

I have been doing pretty good lately being at college, I have managed to work out every day and skip on lunch, also hardly any dinner. I just use the excuse that the food makes me sick and people leave me alone.

I wanted to ask your opinions on how to decrease my boobs. I know most people want the opposite but I feel like I'm shrinking everwhere but there, I'm a B but i would like to be an A, I just want smaller boobs so that my chest bones stick out more...

Any suggestions for workouts?

thank you girls

<3 Amiee