'Cause We So Fly

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1. You must answer all questions in the application, or your application will be deleted.
2. You must fill out your application within 12-48 hours of joining the community. This is a longer time frame than other communities. I think I'm being very fair.
3. If a stamped community member rates you a no please do not back talk to them. You will be banned.
4. Do not talk back to the moderator if you are not accepted. It is not up to Me (your moderator) go_eh_way weather you get accepted or not. It's up to the fellow community members.
5. You must use an LJ-cut in your application.
6. Only stamped members can comment. Unless of course you are applying to the community, then you may comment other people in your application.
7. All applicants must put "Baby, baby tell me I'm fly" in the subject.
8. Your moderator (Me, go_eh_way) gets the final say on wheather to accept you or reject you. *evil grin*
9. If you are accepted, you must promote to at least 1 other community and 4 of your LJ friends. I must see the link to the promotions.
10. All members must stay active, or you will be removed from the community. I will note you if you are, and you can re-apply within one week of removal.

*If you fail to follow these rules*
I, your moderator, go_eh_way will delete your application, and you can re-apply within a week. I will comment you on your LJ under my LJ user name, telling you when you were removed from the community. A week after the removal date, you can re-apply.

1. Name
2. Age
3. Location
4. Take a look for me, girl or boy?
5. 10 + Fav. Bands
6. 5 + Fav TV Shows
7. 3 + Fav. Movies
8. 2 + Fav. Books

Your view on
9. Teen pregnancy?
10. Politicians?
11. War?
12. Terrorism?
13. Bush?
14. Abortion?
15. Racism?
16. Abuse?

17. Why did you join _bombshellz?
18. What are you looking to gain from this community?
19. What is your worst feature?
20. What is your best feature?
21. Can I see some porn? I mean, pics please? (4+)

*Moderator & Maintainer*
_shyznut Is your Maintainer.
go_eh_way Is your Moderator.


Credit to thegirlyounv