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Baby, Baby, tell me I'm flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

...cause I so am. :)

1. Name: Gwen Nöelle (Gwennie, Gwen-pie, Monkey, Junebug, Bug)
2. Age: 24 years, 5 months, 10 days, 13 hours, 21 minutes (I'm pretty sure)
3. Location: I live in Northern California, but I am currently visiting my best friend's family in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
4. Take a look for me, girl or boy? I am a chick.
5. 10 + Fav. Bands: This is hard. I'm a musician, my life is music...the first ten I can think of that I adore: Dave Matthews Band, Mazzy Star, Innocence Mission, Emmylou Harris, Ella Fitzgerald, Eva Cassidy, N Sync (Don't tell, please), John Mayer (I am so engaged to him in my mind), Outkast, David Gray
6. 5 + Fav TV Shows: Alias, Sports Night, old West Wing, Freaks and Geeks, My So-Called Life
7. 3 + Fav. Movies: Princess Bride, Grosse Pointe Blank, Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version)
8. 2 + Fav. Books: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Anne of Green Gables

Your view on
9. Teen pregnancy? Having been through it with both my family and close friends, I am against the effects it has on teenagers lives. I think it is good to wait, to grow up and have a good time being a kid. I think, for the most part, that teenagers are too young, or not in committed enough relationships to handle the extreme pressure and life-altering state of being a parent. That said, things happen, and some of the teen parents I know are wonderful ones. I just think the ideal situation is two mature adults, in a *committed* marriage, having children. I think that's the only way the support structure works out for the best (but even then there are problems. It's just a matter of who the people are).
10. Politicians? I am a politician. I'm a political science major. When I retire from my music career, I'd like to run political campaigns, and maybe (maybe) be a lobbyist for unions. That said, I'm a tremendous democrat.A socially conservative, fiscally traditionalist, outspoken lilly livered liberal.:)
11. War? I don't think that it is a valid solution in most cases. I think we have fought many just wars in the United States (WWII for example), but that most war these days is an excuse for politics and profiteering. I think we should do our best to stay out of every single war we have the opportunity to get ourselves into, and we certainly shouldn't invent reasons to get into them. I am against the war in Iraq. I support the United States troops. I hate my president.
12. Terrorism? God does not condone terrorist actions.
13. Bush? I hate him. Him and his dad. And the horse they rode in on. I think he's a stupid puppet being controlled by evil puppeteers. I hate the fact that he claims to speak for God when he speaks for Halliburton. I hate the fact that he claims to speak for protestant Christians, of which I am one. I hate the fact that he has committed so many heinous acts in MY name, and I hope that I am not held accountable by God for the actions of my country under his administration.
14. Abortion? I am pro-life. I think that life begins at conception, and that every soul has a purpose. I do not think that abortion should be controlled by the government, though, or, at this point, made illegal. I think that would result in a lot of pain and death from back alley abortion clinics, which will take over the job if we drop it. I think we need to prove in court that a zygote is a human, that an embryo is a human, that a fetus is a human before we can outlaw the practice, or call it murder. But I think the best thing to do is convince individuals of that fact. And I think we should do that with love, acceptance, and compassion for those who make decisions we don't believe in. I think there's a dangerous trend to mask the negative effects of abortion. My brother's ex had one, with their child, and it destroyed her, and him. And their relationship. I do not think the government should pay for abortions, but I do not think they should be outlawed until it is proven to everyone that abortion is murder. It's about people's hearts. If you aren't convinced of the truth of something, going along with it is not going to make much of a difference. Did that make sense?
15. Racism? There are still racists? :) I hate it. I love that people are different. I tell Irish jokes (being Irish myself). I don't know where I stand on Affirmative Action at the moment, but mostly I think making any decisions based on the color of someone's skin is a BAD IDEA.
16. Abuse? I come from an abusive home. How can people think it's GOOD?

17. Why did you join _bombshellz? Cause Renee told me too.
18. What are you looking to gain from this community? Elitism. ;) Naw. Just fun.
19. What is your worst feature? I try not to make negative comments about my body, or anyone elses. Mentally it would be my selfishness, paranoia, and anxiety. My perfectionism.
20. What is your best feature? My honesty, and compassion?
21. Can I see some porn? I mean, pics please? (4+) As I'm on vacation at the moment, I will either try to get my best friend's dad to take some pictures or I will post the few I have on my computer when I get back to Cali (mid-June)
There it is. :)
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