June 8th, 2004

My Introduction

1. Name: Stacey-Lynn
2. Age: Fifteen
3. Location: Capreol, Ontario
4. Take a look for me, girl or boy?</b>: Last time i checked I was a total Female
5. 10 + Fav. Bands: ACDC, Rush, Trooper, Switchfoot, Yellowcard, Blink 182, Trapt, The darkness, Areosmith, Bon Jovi
6. 5 + Fav TV Shows: One tree hill, The o.c, Gilmore girls, 7th heaven, everwood, bachelor, high school renioun
7. 3 + Fav. Movies: Finding Nemo, Cheaper by the Dozen, Win a date with Tad Hamilton
8. 2 + Fav. Books: Don't Die My Love - Laurlene McDaniel, Homecoming - Cynthia Voigt

Your view on
9. Teen pregnancy? My views is that if someone is old enough to spread their legs they are old enough to care for a child. People always say they are two young, but for one, iam a firm believer and i support teen pregnacies. It makes the woman as well as the man so fast to realize that they have just grew up. I just don't like how some people fake that they are pregnant, like i have tones of friends who are mothers and are only 17, and i support them 100 percent, it takes alot of guts to step up and take responsibilty.
10. Politicians? Im not really strong in this subjects. But politicians suck, they only do whats right for them and not right for the people
11. War?</b> I think war is wrong. No matter how many differences countries have, war is not the answer. It's just like at school they say fighting is not the answer. Then why are they promoting fighting through war.
12. Terrorism? What happened on 9/11 was just wrong. I don't believe in terrorism and think all terroist should be punished
13. Bush? NO freaken comment
14. Abortion? I don't agree with this, i know some people are gonna yell at me for this, but you created the child, u went thru that pleasure shouldn't u get the pain now? Instead of abortions there is many other alternatives, such as adoption and limited guardianship.
15. Racism? I hate people who are racist. No matter race, colour or nationality were all one person and how would u like to be treated if you were black and kept getting called a nigger?
16. Abuse? I don't wanna talk about this subject right now, all i have to say is people who abuse people should be punished

17. Why did you join _bombshellz? Cuz the moderator made me, cuz im her very very good friend
18. What are you looking to gain from this community? Friendships, i like making new friends
19. What is your worst feature? Im Self concious
20. What is your best feature? My baby blue eyes
21. Can I see some porn? I mean, pics please? (4+) I'll post them one day or another

KK thats my introduction. Nice to meet everyone :)
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