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chatting with hot babes all day.

.&. Name: Kalee

.&. Age: 16

.&. Gender: girll

.&. Location: whorelando florida.

.&. Sexual Preference: boys=]

.&. Status: TAKEN-5months-brendan<3

.&. Describe yourself in 1 word: funny

.&. What makes you a bombshell?: i get along with everyone i dont belong to any "cliques". i'm fun and VERY outgoing, & i give good advice, so i've been told.

.&. One song you'd consider your favorite: GRILLZ by jermaine dupri and pall wall!

.&. List your favorite movie [only ONE]: le divorce

.&. Name one celebrity you'd love to get your hands on: Matthew Mcconaughey<3


.&. If you were given 3 wishes, what would you wish for? [you may not wish for more wishes.]

1.the jocks to stop making fun of our mentally disabled kid in 2nd period(dumb wish, but their really mean.

2. a bentley

3. my best friend back.

.&. Tell us something interesting about you: ive been to dante culpeppers house! hehe
.&. Make us laugh [using a picture, a joke, it doesn't matter; be creative.]:


.&. How did you hear about us? [a username would be helpful]: story, think_pink_069

.&. Promote this community in one place & show us the link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/drop_deadhot/11968.html?view=26304#t26304

.&. Now post at least 5 clear pictures of your face & one sized 150x150 for the member page [If you need help with this; just say which picture you'd like resized].







hope i get in=]



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