Tell You

If only I could tell you how I feel inside.
If only you knew the love when I look into her eyes.
Why can't I say those two words?
Then maybe I'll be free as the birds.
I want to tell you mom,
but I don't know how to drop the bomb.
I'm sick of living in this lie,
sick of being under the disquise.
If only you knew,
there would be one less thing that makes me blue.
I want to tell you,
but I don't know how

let me know what everyone thinks
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Hey - do this :}

So I know a lot of you are poets, artists, writers, photographers, storytellers and the like.
Which is why you should all contribute to this.
Because having a disabled and gay voice within it would be awesome. Oh yes.

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Urge Congress to pass the Family Opportunity Act Amendment

Please take action and urge Congress to pass the Family Opportunity Act Amendment. This important bill will allow low- and middle-income families to access health care coverage for their child with a disability through the Medicaid program. Thank you.

To take action on this issue, click on the link below:


If the text above does not appear as a link or it wraps across multiple lines, then copy and paste it into the address area of your browser.
I like girls

Come join me!

A new and improved version of GLAD, Queer Ability .. made for and by people with impairments who identify as Gay/ Lesbian/ Bisexual/ Transgender/ Transsexual. The aim of this group is to offer friendly support for people in similar situations, whether you are questioning your sexuality or have newly acquired an illness or disability, you might just want to meet like minded people or become more envolved in your community. We hope that we can offer a fun group that is full of information and good support. To find us, click here .. come join us!! .. Spread the word!
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Good to know...

So I wrote to the LJ abuse team about a thread in another community in which a user was rationally and coherently maintaining the point that he does not consider people with disabilities to be human and believes people with disabilities should be euthanized.

(Note: I'm not into starting drama, and the point I'm wanting to make isn't about the particular poster or community, but if someone really wants to see the thread, e-mail me.)

They wrote back and said this doesn't violate the TOS -- either the hate speech portion or the promotion of illegal activities portion -- because the poster is not inciting a specific killing (person, time, place, etc.) that he wishes to be carried out. Gee, when I determine that I need to involuntarily commit someone due to that person presenting a danger to others, I don't require a specific plan if the person is exhibiting the hallmark antisocial trait of believing that certain people do not actually need to be regarded as people. I'm guessing though that the abuse team are lawyers, not health professionals.

So, just so everyone knows, it's OK on LiveJournal to advocate for the genocide of people with disabilities.
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