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Disabilities issue of gay e-zine (erotic and non-erotic content)

I just stumbled across this blog and thought folks here might be interested to know that, in August 2005, my gay e-zine, True Tales, published an issue on disabilities. The issue reprinted articles, fiction, and poetry - and provided links to online photography - from the 1986 issue of the erotic gay magazine Drummer, with contributions by Michael Agreve (now writing for BENT under his real name), Felice Picano, Mark I. Chester, and photographer George Dureau. (The e-zine's retrospective issue also had non-erotic content.)

The Drummer issue made a big splash at the time it was published, because it was one of the first attempts by a pornography magazine to address disability issues. It was very well received by its readers, both for erotic reasons and for non-erotic reasons.

My e-zine's retrospective issue also includes newer articles about disabilities and gay men, as well as a lengthy links directory devoted to the topic of leather and disabilities.


I'm sorry I didn't know about this blog at the time I was preparing that issue, or I would certainly have mentioned it to the readers of True Tales. Do note that the ongoing submissions guideline for the e-zine says: "Submissions that include societal minorities or that break past the conventions of gay erotic literature and art are also especially welcome."

In addition, I might mention briefly that some of the gay stories I've written deal with the topic of disabilities and health - primarily mental illness and abuse recovery, but occasionally other disabilities as well. A list of my stories that relate to disabilities and health can be found here:


Those of you who control your reading matter may wish to look at my domain's content label first:


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