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talk to me

hey everyone....(my virgin post to this community follows below):

i'm 35 year old lesbian from san francisco....with multiple sclerosis....and have just been named marriage equality usa's california state wide differently abled outreach director.....meaning that i am organizing gay disabled people in california around the marriage issue....would love to talk to as many as of you as possible and find out what your specific issues are in terms of being disabled and not able to legally marry your partner....how would marriage rights be useful for your physical and mental health in other words? i plan to hold a large event in california summer of 07 -- a state wide focus group of gay disabled folks so that we can talk it out-- create soundbytes that can be used when educating the public, medical providers, media etc....

please talk to me!!

also: feeling especially bummed as my neurologist pulled me off of avonex last week.....and i now have only one treatment option, tysabri, which seems promising but could also be deadly....anyone out there on tysabri or thinking of taking it?

hugs all around


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