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Federal bill impacting health care coverage...

The Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act of 2005 (S. 1955) seems to be moving forward regardless of the opposition from activists, doctors and health care organizations all over the country. This bill is a really dangerous attack on insurance regulations that often help people with disabilities.

This legislation would allow companies to get around state coverage mandates, such as prosthetic parity bills. And it is not just prosthetic parity that it is at stake here. There are many insurance benefit requirements that would be impacted by this bill. Cancer screenings, diabetes supplies and rehabilitation are just some of the vital benefits that would suffer.

The sponsors of this bill want people to believe that this bill will help small businesses provide affordable coverage. It not only fails at that task, but will make existing access and cost problems even worse. It would foil years of efforts at the state level to make sure that patients have the health coverage they need.

Contact your senators today to urge them to oppose this dangerous attack on quality coverage! A sample e-mail is included below.

You can call or fax your senator or send them an e-mail via their convenient online web forms. To find your senator:

Dear Senator,
I am writing in response to S. 1955, the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act of 2005. While this bill claims to make health care more accessible, it would actually allow companies to get around state insurance requirements such as cancer screenings, diabetes supplies and prosthetics.

In addition to usurping benefit requirements, S. 1955 would also allow insurers to bypass state laws on premium limitations based on categories such as health status, age and gender. This means that state laws aimed at making health care more affordable for specific groups such as the elderly or people with disabilities --- those with ongoing health needs --- would be overridden.
This proposal claims to provide more affordable and expanded coverage not only fails at that task, but could also make existing access and cost problems even worse. I urge to oppose S. 1955 and continue to work for legislation that truly improves access to quality healthcare.
Name, Address

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