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disabled porn zine!

x-posted as much as possible. apologies.

Hey y'all!

Anyone interested in helping to make a zine of pornography featuring people with disablities? Something about the zine medium - photocopied photos that won't look that "high quality", the DIY subculture, the black market unpublished feel of it - PLUS pornography, which is already so shrouded in the guilt/shame/pleasure/sin matrix - PLUS the sexuality of people with disabilities, which is ALSO hella shrouded in shame/guilt/weird fucked up ideas of what's appropriate/attractive/okay/erotic - is making me very excited. I want to make a dirty little pamphlet full of hottt pictures of naked people getting off! I also want to include some words and stuff on the subject of disabilty and sex and porn - a friend is conveniently writing a paper on this subject right now, and I suspect that many others have a paper or a dirty story/email/drawing/something lying around, or at least a bunch of ideas on this topic... :)

So that's my idea. I'm rather excited about it. If you're interested and happen to have some time to collaborate, I would love to have any or all of several things from folks:
>> dirty pictures of you, with or without partners, toys, clothes,
etc, to include in this lovely homemade dirty magazine
>> writing on this subject (this subject = hella broad = whatever the
fuck u wana say) also to include in this lovely homemade dirty
magazine. erotica is cool, academic cudmunching is cool, personal
ranting is cool, I could give a fuck, lets combine all things!

>> your feedback on this lovely homemade dirty magazine before I go
ahead and run it off. If you have a second to look it over, help me
make sure it all jives together and sounds and looks meow.
>> a title? I haven't got one yet.

Ideally this zine will be ready to rock for the May 27th Trans/Giving show here in LA, which is all about sex! (more info - transgiving.org) I would love to be able to bring it to the show and sell it for like $2 to cover copying costs. The show is going to be really sexy and edgy and interesting and human, and I think it would be rad for folks to be able to take something that's mad sexy in an exciting rad way home with them as a little souvenir of the evening.. :)

So let me know what you think, and also, if you know any other folks with disabilities who have made porn of themselves or who you suspect are waiting for an opportunity/excuse to make porn of themselves..:), or who have written erotica/essays/rants, and who might be interested in having stuff published in this little thingy, if you could forward this info to them and/or give me their contact info, that would be wonderful. If this thing is only like 4 pages I'm still guna do it, but if it's 10 pages (or more......) that would be sweet too :) God knows there's a LOT to say and a LOT of hot disabled folks out there.. so shiiiit the sky is the limit! I hope you're as excited about this as I am! :D That said, if you think something about this sounds awful, please do tell!

contact me with everything you got at:
at yahoo . com

FYI my name is Dan, I'm TAB (temporarily able bodied), 24 year old white trans/genderqueer FTM, I work as a PCA for the founder of Queers On Wheels, so I've been participating in Queers On Wheels workshops, activities, etc in that capacity for about 2 years now. If you want to check me out more I am whiskypriest and my MySpace is www.myspace.com/danielbede

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