New plea

New plea.

Dear all,

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the fantastic support you have offered after my last post asking for photographic models. I received messages from people offering support, willing to have their photo taken or those wishing to fill in a questionnaire. I couldn’t have expected a better response and I hope I come across as genuine when I explain how grateful I am. That gratitude is also extended to all the moderators who kindly left my posts up for people to read. Thank you.
Your support on my last project has inspired me to push my creativity further and extend the self-harm project that I began over two years ago.
This time I am hoping other people might be willing to get involved as I am opening the 'requirements' up to include many more heath issues.
Although I have not yet written my Artist statement, I am hoping to make the most of my 4/5-month holiday by getting a head start on next term’s project.
The project I worked on for my first year of my BA(Hons) Photography, at Anglia Ruskin University, was surrounding the subject Self Injury/Harm. My initial plan was to put together a book of shots of young men and women who use self-harm. I had always planned to put these, headless, images in a book. However after much deliberation I decided to hand in a miniature version of the images, kept in a box for presentation and to save the book idea for my second year.
I now have another 8 or 9 months to put together a comprehensive collection of images that not only cover the issue of self harm, but also bring in other issues that may trigger self harm or are produced as a secondary to self harm (although I realize this is very different for everyone). I intend to create images that contain men and women, of all ages, colour or sexuality, who have had or who currently are experiencing issues with, self harm, anorexia/bulimia/EDNOS, depression, binge eating, disassociation, sexual abuse/rape survivors, participation in S&M, transgender/ transexuality, scaring from incidence etc. Essentially I am hoping to capture many aspects of mental health with a specific look at how mental health affects you physically and how you feel about your body.
As part of this work, I would like to follow 3 or 4 people through treatment. This could be in-patient or out patient, mental health related treatment or physical health. For ease, it would be great if the participating people lived near Cambridge or around the south of the country, however, I would be willing to travel if needed.
The idea of lots of people modeling once, representing their own lives and stories, means I can share very small insights into a mind set or situations. However, by having the chance to follow 3 or 4 (or more if possible) people through one part of their lives, documenting the details of their stories, I have the opportunity to show people a much deeper look into life with impairments.
I hope that the work is tasteful, that it never glorifies SI or any other issues that may be raised, yet at the same time offer people who don’t understand a chance to see how it affects people. That is where your help comes in!
I may be able to explain my own relationship with self-harm and mental/physical health, I may even be able to give statistics, but unless many people get to share their stories.. We can’t expect people to just get it.
Just like last time, I am looking for people from anywhere in the UK, 
any age (as long as your over 16 with parental consent or over 18), and either sex. I would be willing to help out with travel costs to my home and you would be more than welcome to stay at my house with a friend of yours.
This time the compassion of the images will be slightly different, but you will always have the last word on what you are happy to do.
The models I have used so far are my close friends, people who I love and would always want to protect, as well as the wonderful people who nominated them selves. I would never exploit anyone and I will include text in the book that describes just how grateful I am for the models co-operation. All models will need to sign a model release form.
I am telling you all about the book and my hopes for the future as I would like to ask if anyone would want to take part? I want to show all aspects of self-harm and mental health issues, not just scars or tears or meds. There is so much more to it. The smiles you have to put on for those around you, the depression you feel, the guilt, the eating distress, the arguments with loved ones, I want to try and communicate that too.
I am hoping to get moving as soon as possible, so if you have some free time over the summer and fancy a trip to Cambridge, please e-mail and we can work something out!
Feel free to contact me, Indigo.Clouds.Imagery[@]Gmail[.]com

interviews needed


I'm doing a summer research project in association with my college, Occidental College. The main premise is I'm researching various physical disabilities and how they affect sexuality for people with disabilities. I'm researching medical information, but as you know. just researching medical information does not give us the whole picture. To supplement, I'd like to interview real people with disabilities to get a firsthand account.
A little background on me: I'm 24 years old and I have quadriplegic cerebral palsy. My major is Gender Studies and I have been interested and researching in the field of disability and sex for many years. I have discovered that there is not a lot of good sex-positive research and information available. So that's basically where I'm coming from.
I need all people, from all genders, sexual orientations, age groups, abilities, and levels of experience. This interview can be anonymous If you are interested, please reply by filling out the preliminary survey questions below.

1. How do you identify based on gender?
2. What disability do you have?
3. How old are you?
4. Describe your sexual orientation.



I am a 22 year old pansexual/lesbian female. I also have a visual impairment/low vision which I have had my whole life. I also have BPD, depression and anxiety.  I know all these sound bad and I'm not saying poor me, quite the contrary. 

I'm a strong person and I have all these under control and live my life happily. Working towards my SSW diploma and then it's onto university to become a sex therapist and then taking a gender course. I want counsel and educate people about sexuality. I want my main focus to be LGBTI community, but I will be open to these people who also have disabilities or even straight couples. lol!

So, yes! I'm a differently-abled lesbian!

Just wanted to say hi!

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Disabilities issue of gay e-zine (erotic and non-erotic content)

I just stumbled across this blog and thought folks here might be interested to know that, in August 2005, my gay e-zine, True Tales, published an issue on disabilities. The issue reprinted articles, fiction, and poetry - and provided links to online photography - from the 1986 issue of the erotic gay magazine Drummer, with contributions by Michael Agreve (now writing for BENT under his real name), Felice Picano, Mark I. Chester, and photographer George Dureau. (The e-zine's retrospective issue also had non-erotic content.) Collapse )

talk to me

hey everyone....(my virgin post to this community follows below):

i'm 35 year old lesbian from san francisco....with multiple sclerosis....and have just been named marriage equality usa's california state wide differently abled outreach director.....meaning that i am organizing gay disabled people in california around the marriage issue....would love to talk to as many as of you as possible and find out what your specific issues are in terms of being disabled and not able to legally marry your would marriage rights be useful for your physical and mental health in other words? i plan to hold a large event in california summer of 07 -- a state wide focus group of gay disabled folks so that we can talk it out-- create soundbytes that can be used when educating the public, medical providers, media etc....

please talk to me!!

also: feeling especially bummed as my neurologist pulled me off of avonex last week.....and i now have only one treatment option, tysabri, which seems promising but could also be deadly....anyone out there on tysabri or thinking of taking it?

hugs all around

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hi everyone...

i hope its okay to post this, if not let me know, ok?

ive created a community for lgbt partners of people with borderline personality disorder, a mental illness. its a support comunity, and im looking for members who may want to talk about how this disorder affects thier lives and/or partners lives...
if you or your partner has this mental illness, please check it out! thanks!

Help please....well if you can....

Hey guys and galz, Ok I can't recall if I posted here before so I'll give an intro anyhow. My name is Mar, I am 25, a lesbian, with CP, from Ireland. I am a law student and a DJ as well as a college radio presenter. I am giving a work shop on Disability to a group of women in two weeks time, the group are part-taking by choice, don't come from any particular background and I'm guessing there will be max 10 at the workshop. Have you any suggestions as to what shape or form the workshop should take?

disabled porn zine!

x-posted as much as possible. apologies.

Hey y'all!

Anyone interested in helping to make a zine of pornography featuring people with disablities? Something about the zine medium - photocopied photos that won't look that "high quality", the DIY subculture, the black market unpublished feel of it - PLUS pornography, which is already so shrouded in the guilt/shame/pleasure/sin matrix - PLUS the sexuality of people with disabilities, which is ALSO hella shrouded in shame/guilt/weird fucked up ideas of what's appropriate/attractive/okay/erotic - is making me very excited. I want to make a dirty little pamphlet full of hottt pictures of naked people getting off! I also want to include some words and stuff on the subject of disabilty and sex and porn - a friend is conveniently writing a paper on this subject right now, and I suspect that many others have a paper or a dirty story/email/drawing/something lying around, or at least a bunch of ideas on this topic... :)

So that's my idea. I'm rather excited about it. If you're interested and happen to have some time to collaborate, I would love to have any or all of several things from folks:
>> dirty pictures of you, with or without partners, toys, clothes,
etc, to include in this lovely homemade dirty magazine
>> writing on this subject (this subject = hella broad = whatever the
fuck u wana say) also to include in this lovely homemade dirty
magazine. erotica is cool, academic cudmunching is cool, personal
ranting is cool, I could give a fuck, lets combine all things!

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