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Thu, Mar. 19th, 2009, 07:48 am
banishingbigass: You do not have an excuse!

Do not forget! 

Appreciate what you have. Do not take it for granted. Respect your body, and use it to live life to it's fullest potential!

Just as though the blind would love for your sight,
the deaf would love for your hearing,
people unable to dance would love for your legs.
people unable to hug someone would love for your arms

someone who lost movement in entire body.. imagine.

Are you using your body as much as you could? When someone else may have no other choice, why are you just sitting there?

Be grateful for what you have, and do not let it go to waste because you are lazy. Get up and show your appreciation.

Find what motivates you -- and do it.

EAT RIGHT, BE HEALTHY. EXERCISE. Don't take the easy way out!

Fri, Apr. 21st, 2006, 08:45 am
__laurenc: (no subject)

I have all kinds of things wrong with me (anxiety and panic disorder, overweight, anemic, hypothyroidism...)

I really would like to correct these issues..or help correct them anyways..Ive already been eating healthy and taking vitamins. I also starte4d exercising a couple weeks ago.

ive been looking into doing a detox fast just to cleanse my colon and system.

i would like to know about any that are safe and work well.



Wed, Apr. 12th, 2006, 10:14 pm
brightlotusmoon: uneven breasts due to neonatal lung intubation

I was born three months premature in 1979, and due to my right lung collapsing several times, I had a tube inserted to keep the lung inflated. The tube had been inserted under my arm through the breast, causing scarring. I grew up with a keloid scar on the side of the breast, which has inhibited proper growth of breast tissue. My left breast is a full and round B cup, but I am frustrated because my right breast seems much smaller to due the fact that the part of the breast that is near my armpit has a divut, because it lacks fullness and doesn't fill out my bras correctly. I feel incredibly self-conscious about this, now more than ever, because my post-anorexia weight gain has made my breasts fuller, but the left one more so. I was wondering if anyone here has a similar problem, or knows any women with a similar problem. I am considering cosmetic surgery to smooth out the scar, but I don't know if getting rid of the scar will allow the breast to "grow" as large as the other. My husband, of course, loves me regardless, as do my friends and family. I just can't seem to get over it within myself. Every time I touch my right breast, I feel where there should be full, round flesh, where there is an almost flat area. It bothers me because I feel the weight of the left breast but not of the right.
Would surgery help, or should I just accept it in my own mind, and if so, what can I do to accept it for myself?

Sun, Apr. 2nd, 2006, 09:40 pm
brightlotusmoon: Hello

Hi. I'm Joanna, I'm 26 (27 on Thursday), and I am 4'11" -- I hate being this short, but since I don't have a choice I might as well be happy. My husband is, at least, and he is 13 inches taller than me. I have cerebral palsy on my left side, so I have to find creative ways to exercise around my chronic fatigue and muscle pain. I am also a recovering anorexic, so I have moments of loathing. When I got married in May last year I weighed 98 pounds, which was five pounds more than I would have liked. All my friends were worried that I'd never gain healthy weight, since I had spent four years insisting that being 91 pounds or less was "fine, since I'm so small anyway". Since May, I have gained a full ten pounds. I went up a cup size, but my waist and hips have also gained an inch, and my pants size has increased a size, which I am unhappy with. I am determined to stay in recovery and not lose weight just to make myself feel better. But I want to start a daily regimen of exercise and strength training that will give me muscle tone and shape, slim down the bits that I want to slim down, and bulk up the parts that I want to bulk up. I'd like to start Pilates and yoga, combined with weight lifting, isometrics, and anything I can do at home. Suggestions would be very helpful.
I would also like to know if anyone else here is recovering from an eating disorder.

Tue, Mar. 28th, 2006, 07:07 pm
nova_usagi: Paul Chek interview

I think that Deconstructing Paul Chek by by Chris Shugart is a wonderful interview. A friend told me about Paul Chek. A lot of the eating habbits that he promotes reminds me very much of macrobiotics, which was the style of eating that both my mom and dad followed for years for my dad's leukemia (Macrobiotics is known as a cancer diet [diet as in eating habbit]... Some people who follow it believes that it helps them fight cancer). He seems like a remarkable character though. And I thought what he said about religion made some sense:

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Here in the United States, we've compartmentalized our lives. People act like idiots at work or grunting silverback gorillas in the gym, then go to church and act like goody two-shoes. All I'm really teaching is to carry it all within you. Don't segregate it. Let the best parts of you shine through in everything that you do.

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Also, I have a problem with eating foods that don't agree with me innards in seems. My mother is into organic, non-processed foods (from her time as a Macrobiotic follower) and has lectured me about eating properly. And she is right. I eat foods that make me feel nauseous, groggy, sluggish, gross, and make my stomach go overtime. Even a skinny person can have a digestive system that isn't working properly. No body type is necessarily safe. Crud can cake the inside of intestines and make it more difficult to digest or pass through digested foods. And some people carry more parasites (worms) than others. And yes, we all have worms. If you ever get a colonic, you'll be able to see some (but not all) of the worms and crud that was keeping your intestines from working as well as they should. I feel like I should eat better, cleaner foods in order to make my insides work in better harmony. I love my body and I enjoy life, so, for me, I feel like I should try to take better care of it.

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Before I started to eat healthier, my bowel movements weren't as good as they were supposed to. Yes, you read me right. This is important for people to think about. Again, what Chek said isn't anything new, but people don't always know this or keep it in mind:

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Anyways, this article was very informative, along with helping me remember health tips that I have forgotten were important. I believe that this article can be inspiring and informative for other people too.

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Tue, Mar. 28th, 2006, 01:59 am
nova_usagi: New person

Hi, I'm new. My name is Hunter. Going into college in fall of 2003, I was 140-145lbs, which was the heaviest I've ever been. In a Japanese department store, senior year of high school, I had my body fat percentage read and they said it was something like 30%. Then during freshman year of college, my bust size seemed to be increasing. I wasn't gaining weight, but I still wasn't in shape. Definitely not good in my opinion.

Currently, I'm 21 years old and something like 123-ish or 125 pounds. I'm 5'5" (165cm) tall. I'm in between bra sizes (34-C and 36-B) and hope to strengthen up my back enough to move down to a 34-C, since I imagine it'd be more comfortable. How did I lose over 20lbs? Well, I’ve been around 123lbs since Christmas. I lost ten pounds in under two weeks over Christmas break by just cleaning up my diet (no soda, juice, or sweeteners in my drink... No white bread, fried foods, heavy sauces, and so on) and started to lift weights, and did some minor aerobics (a couple hundred jumping jacks in the morning). I ate the same amount of food and eating the same amount of food, but broken up into more meals. I was eating food every three or four hours and chewing very well, till my food was similar to the consistency of apple sauce. Since I started college, walking to and from class also helped I think.

I thought that I ought to join some health and fitness communities since I'm interested in getting in shape. I could honestly care less about how much I weigh, I just want to be healthier, stronger, and look fit.

My inspiration? Jelena Abbou's body from that Fahrenheit diet pill commercial is the type of form I like. Screw being thin and puny! Being weak isn't beautiful to me, however as you see in this interview, she has to maintain a high protein diet and work out fairly often to have the gorgeous and hard body that she does. I don't really want to be that cut, so I'm not planning on following her routine. And to heck with diet pills... I like the commercial because she’s in it, but I don’t like the product.

click to see examples of Jelena Abbou looking insanely wonderfulCollapse )

Now I work out at the gym with some friends. I've become a fan of barbell squats, barbell good mornings, and barbell dead lifts. I can really feel that it's working out my backside (back, back of thighs, and my butt). My lower back has tightened up just from doing it a couple times and my waist has slimmed down. My thighs are in better shape of course too. I need to start doing pushups again. I used to do them once and a while, which made my boobs, even when they were on the verge of D-cup, very perky and round. Since I've lost some weight, lucky me lost part of the fat in the bust. Oh well, at least I can sleep on my stomach without my back hurting. I'm not a fan of weight machines, since they don't work the stabilizing muscles. However, I use some upper body machines along with what some friends and I jokingly call the whore and abstinence machines, and a stair climber. I hate the treadmills and ellipticals though. I feel that they're a waist of time. Lifting weights is the most effective I think.

And saying that women will bulk up if they lift heavy is a lie. It's a horrible myth that scares girls into using crummy light weights and doing an insane amount of reps. In reality, it's very, very difficult for girls to bulk up and lifting heavier weights will help a person lose the fat faster. Try reading this, this and this. Everyone ought to read them.

Anyways, sorry it was lengthy, but I'm a little excited that I joined.

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Fri, Jan. 6th, 2006, 10:47 am
ayzian_princess: It's that time of year!

Happy New Year!

I know that it's been a while since I've posted anything for you all. A couple of life's setbacks caused a minor interuption. I promise to be here more often to share the good info that I find! I appreciate that you have all remained members.

Everyone, by this time has thought about their new year's resolutions, I'm sure. Since wellness and losing weight are always very popular, why not do it with a group? The Discover National Body Challenge is open for enrollment. You get an 8 week membership to Bally's, workout and meal recommendation, and a bunch of support and great info. Why not check it out? I did!

Let's talk about goals. If you have been here for the past year, go to our first post and check to see what you posted last year. Did you accomplish what you wanted? Will you have some of the same goals? Unfortunately, I will. So I will post my goals from last year with a progress report and for this year. Feel free to comment and do the same. I will keep the entry in memories again so you can check from time to time on how you are doing!

Let's make this year a great one for each of us!  

  • Last year
  1. Lose 7-10 lbs and keep it off!  - Not even close.
  2. Train for at least 1 Triathlon.  - Kinda! I did the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in Virginia Beach!!!
  3. Improve my relationship sitation - shape it up or ship out!  - Yup - Shipped out! Been single for almost 11 months
  4. Be more committed to my job. - Well, yes & no, I actually got a new job that I love! & still want to be more committed.
  5. Take care of myself more - manicures, pedicures, etc!  - Not really. Definitely will be on the new list!
  • This year
  1. Lose 10 lbs.
  2. Complete 2-3 Half Marathons.
  3. Succes in my job.
  4. More personal pampering!
  5. Travel more.

Sat, Sep. 3rd, 2005, 03:09 pm
banishingbigass: (no subject)

New ideas posted in FITSPIRATION for how to get exercise.

One of our members had a wonderful idea about volunteer work that requires walking around in groups of people -- seems like something I would see myself doing so maybe it could help you too :) Very easy to find that sort of stuff by looking at university message boards online for schools in your area, offer your help. If you have some free time maybe work part time for landscaping? Lots of walking, carrying, and bending (squatting) to plant trees and flowers in your community!

But the trick is, you don't even realize youre getting exercise because youre having fun doing it talking with the people and you have a goal to accomplish. By the end of the day you can come home and look on a map and say "I walked HOW far???" :)


BanishingBigAss is the founder of FITSPIRATION.
Eat Right.Exercise.Spread the Word. We're here to help!

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