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Application jigger

name; Sarah
age; 14
home town; Glen of the Gormleys
sexual preference; Whatever comes my way ;)
top 10 bands; HIM, MCR, Greenday, Queen, SOAD, Kaiser Chiefs, A perfect Circle, Adam and The Ants, Nirvana + Finch
top 5 movies; CATCF, QOTD, POTC, Interview with the Vampire, Screams
top 5 books; Hp, Poison, Sabriel, Vampire Chronicles, catcf :P
likes; cheese
dislikes; non-cheese

favourite colour; black red purple pink green
favourite song at the moment; Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
favourite food; cheese
favourite song lyric; La Diddly qwa qwa La Diddly qwa qwa La Diddly qwa qwa Stand And Deliver your money or your life! La Diddly qwa qwa La Diddly qwa qwa La Diddly qwa qwa
favourite store; Fresh Garbage
favourite shoes; My bootses that aren't Dr Martins or cat or anything but look like it :D
favourite word; Odd

something unique about you; One of my thumbs is bigger than the other...
your best feature; "hooker legs"
what does your name mean; Princess =/
any nicknames; hamster, bucket, hippie, hippie hamster, goth
your worst feature; the rest
how many pairs of shoes do you own; like four
google [Your Name]'and post your favourite image that comes up;

why should you be accepted; Because I am wonderfully great.
what do you think of the mods; Er, grande whatever a mod is, I am too familiar with mod meaning a sims2 edit like on
sucking up?; Not so much

guitar or drums; drums ake more noise :D
fall Out Boy or funeral for a friend; fall out boy
bobby or dazzler; bobby
black or white; black
myspace or livejournal; myspace because it has him video on it *please don't hit me*
roses or daisies; roses
ice cream or ice lolly/pop; lollypop
pirates or ninjas; pirates don't get along with ninjas

A band ; Adam And The Ants (80s random pop) / A perfect circle (dark gothyness)
A book; Poison
A movie; Bowling For Columbine

view on Sxe; What you like
view on gay marriage; How does my marriage affect the sanctity on yours?
view on abortion; If you want to

amuse us;
promote us in like 1 place and give us links (more would be nice but that’s pushing it isn’t it); No
how did you come up with your username; I tried to sum me up, didn't work
Make us a banner; Okay

at least 4 pictures [cut low on the size and photoshop];

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