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I'm a bobby dazzler!

+ name;Claire
+ age;14, almost 15 ^^
+ home town;Newtownabbey
+ sexual preference; boys
+ top 10 bands;My chemical romance, Muse, Nirvana, Snow Patrol, Green day, Garbage, the killers, Linkin park, No doubt, Queen
+ top 5 movies; erm... Jurassic park, Charlie and the choclate factory, Pirates of the carribbean, Without a paddle and all the star wars movies :) that counts as more than 5, but i dont care.
+ top 5 books; all the harry potter books.
+ likes; draco malfoy, Hayden christensen,cherry coke, the sims, Nirvanna, my chemical romance, Muse, converse trainers, My dr marten school shoes :D, rimmel metallic stars roller eyeshadow, star burst lip balm, fly repellant, my digital camera, haning out with friends,buying stuff, reading, history, Glitter blinkies,mary cecily barker, curry sauce , egyptology, baking, my dog, swimming, art, hair, star wars, lasagne, gwen stefani.
+ dislikes; MOTHS and spiders. and corny american movies with lawyers.

+ favourite colour;purple
+ favourite song at the moment; plug in baby - muse
+ favourite food;spaghetti :9
+ favourite song lyric;erm.... "what else could I say, everyone is gay" - all apologies
+ favourite store; Liberty blue
+ favourite shoes;My pink converse
+ favourite word; either "hayden" or "christensen"

+ something unique about you; i'm the only person i know who has an irrational fear of moths.
+ your best feature; um... physical feature? i dunno, my eyes?
+ what does your name mean; clear, bright, shinning
+ any nicknames; Keekee
+ your worst feature; i'm lanky and I have a crap posture
+ how many pairs of shoes do you own; 16
+ google [Your name]'and post your favourite image that comes up;
+ why should you be accepted; because.
+ what do you think of the mods; They're really smelly, but fun :)
+ sucking up?; I don't care, suck up if u wanna suck up.

+ guitar or drums; guitar
+ fall Out Boy or funeral for a friend; fall out boy
+ bobby or dazzler; LMAO dazzler
+ black or white; white
+ myspace or livejournal; has to be my space :)
+ roses or daisies; roses
+ ice cream or ice lolly/pop; ice cream
+ pirates or ninjas;pirates, duh!

+ A band ; um..? muse?
+ A book; star wars, rvenge of the sith. Tis pretty good, but boring in parts.
+ A movie; vanity fair

+ view on Sxe; a nice idea. dunno wut else to say.
+ view on gay marriage; hmm... I'm two minded on that one.
+ view on abortion; I dissaprove of abortion, except for a few circumstances. (I dont wanna go into it furthur, I had to go ove rit again and again in R.E. last year, and i'm sick of DISCUSSING ABORTION!!!it's all anyone ever discussess! isn't there anything other to discuss than abortion and fox hunting???? *has fit*)

+ amuse us; no. HA!
+ promote us in like 1 place and give us links (more would be nice but that’s pushing it isn’t it);
+ how did you come up with your username; I like purple, i'm a girl, and i'm called claire.
+ make us a banner, a GOOOOD banner!;

+ at least 4 pictures [cut low on the size and photoshop];

Put your pictures here

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