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So on April 15 i went to a show, here in FL, with Green Day. After the show, i waited by MCR's bus for over an hour, with my best friend, my sister, and my cousin.

So Bob's standing out there signing stuff, and then he left and i'm like 'WHAT? NO!' and then he's all like 'i'll be back i'll be back.'

About a half an hour later he comes out, and i'm like 'Hi bob!' and he's like 'hey!' and i'm like 'i caught your drumstick =D' and he's like 'oh really? i'm sorry, did i hit you with it?' i was like wow what a nice guy! so then i'm like 'no' and he goes 'oh okay, that's good.'

so then i took a picture of him and got an autograph.

he is an awesome guy. it sucks that people don't appreciate him enough.

Image hosted by

me and bob! :)

i'm so glad someone finally made a community about bob. props to you.
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