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Hello, my name is Kerry and I am a Brand New addict

First off I wanna say that this community is awesome. Just reading through all the old entries made me laugh. You all seem like awesome people.

-Name: Kerry
-Age: 19
-Location: San Diego
-5 Favorite Bands:
Brand New
Blink 182
Alkaline Trio

-Favorite BN Lyric: "It's dark as a tomb, and it's cold in your room, when I sneak to your bed to pour salt in your wounds"
-Favorite BN Song: The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
-First Time You Heard/Met BN: Sadly not too long ago when I saw Sic Transit Gloria on tv.
-Where Will You Promote Us At?: In my journal? I dunno
-At Least One Picture Of Yourself or Not: The only decent one of me is with my other hero Matt Skiba

I made this yesterday. I thought that you all would appreciate it :D

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