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I know i just joined but i'm bored so ill do the theme thing too lol...
I can only think of one emotion at the moment cuz im lazy lol but if i think of more i'll let you know

I think the lyrics from guernica explain what it feels like to feel ponitless or a failure at something or if you feel you should be able to do something then you try and it makes you realize that you can't and the feeling sucks

well my dad has cancer and sometimes i feel like if i did something about it that it would make him better but then i try and i realize it's not helping and it's making me feel worse and when my dad sees me upset it makes him feel worse so all i'm really doing is making matters worse, because the only thing you can really do is be with there for them and thats really it and i just think i really relate to "Guernica"..."If I could I would shrink myself, sink through your skin to your blood cells remove whatever makes you hurt, but i am too weak to be your cure." because i feel that it's very true...
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