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I got my hair dyed blue professionally at a salon, and it's already starting to fade. Can I touch it up with blue dye I buy myself, or will layering store-bought dye over salon dye cause some sort of horrible chemical reaction that will set my hair on fire?
Blue and Rhino

Questions about taking the plunge into the deep blue...

Hi All,

I just found this community and I am in heaven!  Just the other day I decided that I'm going to take the plunge and dye most of my hair blue.  I have dyed black hair, and I'll be bleaching streaks to have a true-color blue and am thinking of dying the blue over the black as well.  (My natural color is a dirty blonde.) 
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request for leftover dye

Hi there, does anyone have any leftover/half bottles of light blue/turquoise dye they can donate/sell me?
I have paypal or I can send you a money order to cover shipping costs + whatever you're charging.

I'm specifically looking for:
-SFX Fishbowl
-Punky/Directions Lagoon Blue
-Stargazer Coral Blue
-MP Atomic Turquoise

but would also consider SFX Blue Haired Freak and Punky Atlantic Blue. I got laid off so I'm trying to refresh my haircolor on the cheap, and I know Fishbowl isn't the most popular color since it fades fast, so I thought I'd see if anyone wants to get rid of theirs. Just comment and I'll send you a livejournal message with my contact info.

And just so it's not pictureless, here are some pics of how I'm slowly turning my family's hair blue! Collapse )

Thanks for reading!
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Temporary Black Over Blue

Facts, then details.

I need to dye my hair a "natural" colour for a day in a few weeks. My hair is blue and I love it this way, so I want the dye to be something that I can get rid of easy, be it wash out, or (less preferred) easy to dye over. I'm assuming black would work best, any advice of what dye to use or what to do?

Details: I'm apply for a limited program at my university, which has an admission interview. Now I've asked several people there if having blue hair would work against me, as it is for a professional course and dealing with people, and all have gone to great lengths to assure me that the hair won't work against me. But I feel there is a touch of "the lady doth protest too much," and feel that even if officially the colour can't work against me, the people in the interview, if they don't like it could hold it against me in other areas. So I figure natural for a day, than back to blue. When I get into the course if they complain I could bring up my multiple questions, and multiple reassurances that they couldn't and wouldn't hold my colour against me, but I'll cross that bridge if/when I come to it.

So any advice on how to go natural (black?) that should wash out fairly easily, would be greatly appreciated.

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I want to turn my hair a white/platinum color before I color it blue and was wondering what toner works best, is cheap and that I could easily get(I live in California) also my hair is green from the last time I dyed it blue are there any hair stripers  Colour Strippers that would take out the green in my hair? I heard this "Neutralise Chlorinated or Green Toned Hair by using Tomato Juice (the red should help counteract the green)" is this true?

Blue Highlights Fail

I moved so had to find a new stylist - very good, but the dye he used didn't work at all. It was more of a permanent dye so it barely shows. Going to go in a couple weeks and get it redone. So far chromasilk has been the best.

You have to squint to see the blue highlights.