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Hello lovely blue haired people and longhairs

I was feeling adventerous and decited to dip-dye the tips of my hair blue. I have hip-length hair which is virgin on top and has some very, very faded henna in the lenghths (faded to the point that even I can't tell where my virgin hair starts (my hair is light brown). Oh, and I had put in a non-permanent (wash out) dark brown color in a while back which hadn't faded fully yet.

So I went ahead and got a tub of Manic Panic Midnight Blue and a box of Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Ultimate Lightener L1++. I left the lightener on for 45 minutes but my hair was lightened only by one shade or two, like to a yellow-ish dark blonde. I put in the Manic Panic anyway and it turned out a lovely but subtle teal - which I like but it's not what I wanted - I wanted a BOLD blue. So now my questions: can I buy another bleach kit (this time maybe the bleach kit from Manic Panic) and bleach it a second time or will this fry my hair (right now my tips look and feel fine, at least not worse than before)..how long should I wait until I can bleach it a second time, or can I do it right away ? Or didn't the color take because of the henna ?
And-I like experimenting with wash out/non permanent dyes. Is there a way of protecting my ends when coloring the rest of my hair ?


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