Raina Bess Christman (anime_fanatic19) wrote in _bluehair,
Raina Bess Christman


I've always wanted to dye my hair an unnatural color all over (I've had all the natural colors and then purple tips) so I figured being Sonic the Hedgehog for Halloween was the perfect opportunity! 

From blonde:

to blue!

We were characters from Super Smash Bros (bottom left)


and this was taken this past weekend (far right)

a lot of people have said it looks white or silvery in places. I have no idea what colors it's been fading to and I don't really care. I don't know what to do next though! Re-do the blue? Go a different color (purple?). I'm going to Germany in February and I'd like to have 'normal' hair for that I'm pretty sure, but until then, I'm open to anything! Also, I know, I haven't had a hair cut in a year. It's horrible.
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