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first time blue

My friend had been bleaching and dying her hair blue for years and it was pretty dried out, so she got it cut into a bob and I asked her to keep me what she cut off because I've been wanting to put this colour into my dreads anyway.
I've sewn extensions into another friend's dreads before (using the dreads I cut off my own head lol) so it didn't take very long at all as I've gotten used to the little tricks. I used a darning needle though, don't have a crochet hook. So they probably aren't as seamless as they could be, but I think they turned out ok.

How I did it...

So first I made the dreadies. The hair took to backcombing really well.
It looks quite green in this pic, it is more blue in real life though some of the hair did have a slightly greenish tinge.

Combed some ends out

Usually I start by sewing the dreads together with some thread just so it holds a lot easier and doesn't come apart while I'm weaving in the loose hairs. I go over it loads of times for strength, and I make sure the thread is not visible by always inserting the needle into a point right next to where it exits.

Usually I insert the needle first, before putting the hair through it. Sometimes, like in this photo, I will feed it up through the same dread that has the piece of hair I will be threading, as I've found this to hold better than sewing it down through the extension itself, or up through the upper dread if coming from the extension. However because they were two different colours this time I used a combination of both ways just so the part where they meet wasn't so obvious.
Also the easiest way to insert the loose hair into the eye of the needle is to twist it up as much as you can and fold it.

After some palmrolling it looks better:

I have added a few more since these pics were taken, might take more photos at some point soon :)
Also, apologies that the lighting is better and worse throughout these pics. They were taken at a few different times on two different days, and though we've been getting a few more bright, sunny days here lately, it still gets dull and grim at some point throughout the day :(
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