kaikunod (japan_obsessed) wrote in _bluehair,

Which dye?

Hi there everyone! Need some help here! :P

I have been using Special Effects Blue Velvet for ages now but I have gotten tired of people constantly mistaking my hair colour as deep purple rather than blue. Don't get me wrong, I really like this dye, it lasts insanely much and it's colour is deep. I like purple too, but you know, after all this time, the "nice purple hair u've got there!" can get on your nerves. My hair is blue damn it! xD And the problem with Velvet is that it basically looks blue only under sunlight and indoors it's purple.. _ _ "

Ok, well, before that, I had been using Special Effects Blue Mayhem. I don't remember much from back then apart from the fact that it did fade pretty quickly to light purple. :( But from pics I have, I really do like that colour on me.

So yeah, I am looking for a dye that looks like Blue Mayhem!

So my criteria are:
1) How long does the dye last before it starts fading.
2) Does it fade to purple or that greenish (>_<) colour?
3) I absolutely DON'T want it to look purple under incandescent light or yellow fluorescent light.

So what do you have to say for the ones below?

Special Effects - Blue Mayhem
Special Effects - Electric Blue
Directions - Midnight Blue
Directions - Atlantic Blue

-Btw, I have never used Directions before-

Thank you!! :D
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