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Blue Diamonds is a community for fans of Wicked - both the novel and the musical. It is to be used primarily as a discussion forum.

[x] Please make your posts longer than one line. It's fine to post that you just saw the musical or finished the novel, but try to add something more: what you thought of it, at least.

[x] Members are encouraged to compare, question, or debate ideas within the novel and the musical. [Ideas related to The Wizard of Oz are fine by me, too.]

[x] Members are free to throw around opinions, but are expected to be mature about them. Not everyone is going to think like you, but that's all part of the excellence! There may be disagreements, but avoid member bashing. Respect each other, please.

WARNING: This community contains spoilers about both the book and the musical. Enter at your own risk.

Your maintainer is electricstars.

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