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A Wicked discussion community

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[28 May 2009|12:09am]

Hey, i just wanted to let you all know about a new icon community i started.

[info]iconcreators  is a community where you can not only post icons, but promote your community, find other communities, search for icon makers to apply for your community, or find communities to apply to be a maker at, find where to request icons, and find great tutorials to help with the icon experience.
This communities membership is for  icon makers only. However if your just looking for icons, here is a great place to find icon makers and there icons, so feel free to watch, all posts are open to public.

and thank you to electricstars for letting me post this here!
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of Witches && Wizards -- a wicked/oz rpg [29 Nov 2008|10:53am]


"And did she ever come out?"
"Not yet."

It has been seven years since the demise of the Wicked Witch of the West.
Oz has been thriving under the reign of Ozma Tippetarius, who was discovered
living under the guise of a boy; a foul plot designed by her own father,
King Pastoria, who did not wish to give up his title to his daughter,
the rightful ruler of Oz. Though she is young, she is fair, and the destruction
caused by the Wizard is slowly but surely being patched up.

But some things can never be mended.

Believing magic has always been a factor in the destruction of their society,
Ozma has banned the practice of it, allowing only her own ministers to
wield such power. Glinda the Good, who has escalated from Witch status
to Sorceress, now rules more than just the Gillikin Country she hailed from.
She now oversees all under their child leader, tending to the things that
Ozma cannot. The Quadling Country has become her latest project, attempting
to civilize it in memory of her dear old friend who was once raised there...

Not all are pleased with the banning of magic, as expected. Black markets
and hidden teaching societies are springing up all across the darker
corners of Oz, and some are even growing bold enough to surface
in well-known establishments of learning, such as Shiz University. Ozma is
aware of the treachery going on in her kingdom, but she has yet to
find the source of these on-goings. Little does she know, the head of this
black organization might be one of her very own...

Meanwhile, rumors of a black shadow flying across the skies have spread across the land.
Is this a blantant show of disrespect towards Princess Ozma's ban on magic?
Or...is it something or someone else?

user posted image

of Witches && Wizards is an alternate universe Wicked/Wizard Of Oz RPG. Wicked novel and musical canon has been mixed with the original L. Frank Baum stories to create a whole new Oz universe! Please note before joining that we are a literate PG-13 rated RPG, requesting at least 200 words per post. Welcome to the Land of Oz!
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Musical Question [04 Apr 2007|11:46pm]

Hey, isn't there an actress who has played both Galinda AND Elphie at one time or another?
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"I do believe I have been changed for the better..." [06 Mar 2007|01:25am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

...because I saw Wicked, I have been changed for good...!

Hey all! My name's Steph, and I joined this community just before seeing Wicked, which was this past Sunday, March 4! I just spent a good long time doing my best to compose my thoughts and type up an entry about it for my own LJ, and figured I'd go ahead and crosspost it all here, too, if thats OK? Ok! :)

~~~Wicked! Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center - March 4, 2007~~~

I'm having trouble finding the right adjectives to describe the show last night. I don't think there are words ... for ... the greatness. THE GREATNESS. Of it all. **falls over**

I took some pictures! Of the place we went to see it - Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. ozianescape got there on time and didn't miss anything, which was great and awesome because I had visions of him being late and missing stuff because we had his ticket. So that was good!

Mom and Ray seemed to really love the show, which was also good. :) I'm really glad we all got to see it together, because it would've sucked to have seen it myself and then get home and want to blabber on and on about all the AWESOME and not have anyone know what I was talking about. ^_^

When we walked in and got our seats (Mezzanine! Up over the stage and off to the right! SO CLOSE!! Yet with good enough distance to enjoy it fully and not be looking straight down at the tops of heads!) - and I saw the CLOCK of the TIME DRAGON... the stage setup, with the HUGE mechanical dragon up over top of it, wings spread out, and all the cogs and gears and clock workings all across and down either side of the stage... I actually gasped out loud, it was made of magnificent!! And the curtain, with its huge map of Oz, the Emerald City glowing and glittering in the center... Mom said that the green glow was spreading little by little, while everyone was taking their seats, and I think she was right. :) So very very cool!

At the start of the show, the MONKEYS!! I forget if there were 3 or 4 of them, but it was so so awesome, the way they climbed down the sides of the stage and skittered around in front of it, over to the crank, all chittering together, and then one of them (CHISTERY!!) took the crank, crowed out loud, and slowly turned it to reveal...!! THE STAGE!! And it started!! AND I DIED!!


Everything about it was just... over the top spectacular, heads tails and everything else above and beyond anything I could've imagined. It was great to see the songs illustrated or played out/acted out, the way they were meant to be; each and every one was so different from how I'd imagined them, so very much better and more amazing.

I found myself thinking that, despite the fact that I adore Idina Menzel as Elphie, the girl that played her in this cast had a voice that was actually more fitting of the character than Idina's, at least in my mind. A bit deeper, a bit more sultry... just beautiful and perfect. I was so thrilled when Elphie made her appearance onstage... I just about jumped out of my seat, because there she was! &hearts Elphie! &hearts

In The Lion King, the thing that really made the show for me was seeing just how over the top the players could be, to really bring out the characters. It happened again in this show, too - Galinda was perkier than perky - I loved her bounce! The rocking back and forth on her heels and bending at the knees, gyrating up and down - she reminded me of a dolphin dancing up on its tail! Every joke, every punchline, was priceless. I hung on each and every word.

"Uh oh... the artichoke's getting steamed!" - Galinda about Elphie defending Dr. Dillamond

Dr. Dillamond!! Was absolutely amazing!! The costume, the actor inside of it, every last detail! I loved how he "shared" Elphie's lunch - ate the wrapper of her sandwich... XD I found his fate in the show almost worse than what happened to him in the book... :( Poor guy.

I loved all the little differences between the book and the show, too. ESPECIALLY the ending!! It took me completely by surprise, too - I was SO happy and completely surprised that ozianescape had never spoiled it for me, since he's really bad at keeping secrets (no offense of course, Dennis... ;)) Of course I'm leaving spoilers out of this post... or maybe...

Spoilers behind the cut!!Collapse )


"Well, what could Father have possibly given me? I clash with everything!" - Elphie, after Nessa receives the ruby/silver slippers

That scene was so heartbreakingly harsh, for Elphie... her father having absolutely no love for her whatsoever, only sending her off to school to take care of Nessarose, and to hell with her own education? Too sad... :(

But Elphie was my hero in that scene too - the way she chased off everyone making fun of her, bravely and boldly - "What?? Do I have something stuck in my teeth?? Lets get this straight - YES I was born this way! NO, I did not eat grass as a child!!" Of course I'm paraphrasing here, but her lines were fantastic... :)

I absolutely loved the sets, too - the way the skies in the background changed colors to reflect the mood of the scene or the time of day. The way the main parts of the school were hung with draperies and portraits of professors and such, and the classroom just wheeled perfectly into place, benches and blackboard. The constant theme of the clock, the bridge that Elphie stood under when it rained, the Emerald City with its green and gold lights...

The AMAZING Wizard-machine!! O_O That thing actually scared me - the voice was HUGE!! Whenever he'd call out "GUARDS!!" and the head would toss, I swear to God the whole building would shake!! Or at least it really seemed that way!

Speaking of "toss," - during "Popular," - "This is how you toss your hair! Now, watch me closely. Tosstoss! Tosstoss!" - Completely cracked me up... XD

Back to the beginning - Where Elphie's mom vigorously wiped her face in disgust after her father kissed her goodbye, and then how she let the mysterious stranger onstage through the door in the clock. Their dance. Their dance was a highlight of the show, just that quick little 30 second exchange - it was perfect. The movements, the costumes, the dance itself, the way they portrayed exactly what was going on there in such a memorable way so that at the final reveal of truth in the end of the show - who could forget that that was what had happened?? And then right afterward, the seamless progression into Elphie's birth. Ok, so it was a little weird because it seemed that her mom pulled her out herself... ha... but it was fantastic. &hearts

Every detail of the show... was completely fascinating. This entry could go on for ages...

* The lady standing on the bridge, twirling her parasol over Glinda and the crowd - a simple and beautiful movement that added so much.
* The COSTUMES!!!! So amazing, so detailed, crazy and wonderful! I want to cosplay a Shiz student or an Emerald City citizen SO MUCH. &hearts I absolutely LOVED the double tophat on one of the men, and the pants/skirt on some of them. The black and white outfits during the "Dancing Through Life" scene were gorgeous and eyepopping as well.
* Elphie's DANCE. Elphie in her own little world, not caring at all about everyone staring at her.
* Elphie's dance with the wizard!
* The exchange of the hat! From the book, it was obvious that it was a trick by Galinda, a setup so that everyone could make fun of Elphie, but from the music itself I had no idea, so again my heart broke for poor Elphie - and again she carried it off with style and grace! This is why I love her. &hearts
* Fiyero's dance with his driver as they parted... so cute! Not to mention that the actor himself was quite handsome! ;)
* I loved the scene between Fiyero and Elphie, the release of the Lion cub... &hearts

Defying Gravity BLEW US ALL AWAY. I knew it would knock my socks off, but Mom and Ray really loved it too, and were talking about it for a long time afterward. I have no shame in admitting that I burst into tears during that scene... Its the song, and the moment of Elphaba's rise into the air... It cut straight threw me, and when it was over, I stood up and cheered VERY loudly! I was actually glad that intermission came just then, too. I needed to catch my breath!!

These parts of Defying Gravity, specifically:

"I'm through accepting limits, cause someone say's they're so," - this Elphie said the first part of - "I'm through accepting LIMITS!" with such an electric charge in her voice, it gave me chills!

And then - "...I hope you're happy, my friend..." The guards rush in and take hold of Glinda, and Elphie ducks into the darkness as Glinda struggles. Then, Elphie steps out of the darkness so just her face is illuminated - THAT was PERFECT! - "Let her go! She has nothing to do with this! Its not her you want, its me! Its MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" as she rises into the air, smoke blowing up with her, her hair and cape billowing as she goes, and into the song again - "So if you care to find me! Look to the Western sky!!"



And thats only the first half!!!

Elphie and Glinda's duel and Fiyero's capture. Chills.

Elphie's attempt to use a spell and save Fiyero - "No good deed goes unpunished" - More chills.

The final realizations, everything finally getting tied up and coming full circle... THAT ENDING!!

There is not one thing I can say that would truly give this show its due, or do it justice. I have to see it again. I didn't even want to leave the theater when it was over. I just sat there, completely spellbound, staring at the empty stage with tears still in my eyes...

Love. Wicked.

I'll probably post the few pictures I took later on... its late and I don't feel like messing with my camera right now. ^_^

See this show. If you get a chance, do yourself the favor and see Wicked. You'll truly never see anything like it. It is astounding, magnificent... extrastoundingmagnificentacularlyamazingeniuspecialwonderfulspellbindingtacular!!!! THERE! I found an adjective!! ^.^

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Kerry Ellis community [22 Feb 2007|03:08pm]

Hello, I am the owner of the brand new LJ community dedicated to Wicked actress Kerry Ellis: kerry_ellis. You can read more about her and the community at the user info page there. Please join if you're a fan! :D

If you would like to affiliate, please leave a comment HERE. Thank you!

I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete this post if that's the case.
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does it suprise you I got hooked? [24 Jan 2007|04:34pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello all! I just found this community, but am really excited about it.

In any case, I just posted a lengthy musing on the character of Elphaba (a little bit of book-Elphie, but mostly musical-Elphie) over at my journal, and I would love comments/critique!

You can find it here.

Please, please, please contribute. I really want to know what other people have thought about the topics.

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Hey everyone! This is my first post here... [06 Jan 2007|08:58pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I just had a few questions. I'm going to see the show in New York this April, and I was wondering:

1.) Is it known who is going to be in Wicked in April? If so, who?

2.) Is there a stage door at the Gershwin Theatre? If so, where?

3.) How big a chance do I have of meeting the stars for a quick autograph or photo after the show?

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[28 Dec 2006|10:38am]


Greetings! I may be a newbie here, but not the realm of Wicked; I adore the show as well as the book. I love the strong female characters, which I don't know if B-Way has ever seen, or at least seen in a while.

But I am posting here to put forth an idea, and see if anyone would like to help.

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OMG IS IT TRUE???? [26 Dec 2006|09:20am]

I got tix to Wicked for christmas! I got them for mid january.

But my question is this. I just went online to see if I recognized any of the cast that I will see, and it said Ana Gasteyer. I thought she only did it in Chicago. It looked like the main NY cast page . . . . Is it her on Broadway now? If so I will be uncontrollably excited!
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Wicked Halloween Specials? [29 Oct 2006|06:42pm]

Anyone know if Wicked is doing any Halloween specials on TV like they didnt last year with Sho.?
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Coincidence? [19 Oct 2006|10:05am]

So I recently read The Wizard of Oz, and Dorothy goes down south to the Quadlings. And there is this one group of quadlings, with no arms. It made me think of Nessa and TurtleHeart. I know TurtleHeart had arms, but, could there be a recessive gene somewhere?

What do people think?
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[18 Oct 2006|03:04pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

I have a really quick question to ask all you Wicked fans. In my American Music class, we're doing group projects, and mine is on Broadway. Of course I am going to talk about Wicked, and I want to show a video as part of the project, but I can't decide which one I want to use. I have found the Tony's performance, (but it's about 5 minutes long, and we only have 25 total to talk all about Broadway) the official trailer with the touring cast (2 min-ish long, Stephanie J. Block as Elphaba) and the London cast trailer (just under a minute). Which one do you think I should use? I would love to use them all, but alas, I cannot. Any and all suggestions are welcomed, nay, needed! Thanks in advance!

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Book Question [24 Sep 2006|09:32am]

I never understood exactly how long Elphie lived in Kiamo Ko and exactly how old Liir is supposed to be when Dorothy comes.
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Okay, I'm Going to Pass Out From Joy! [20 Sep 2006|01:50pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

I got tickets to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for when it came here to Dallas with absolutely no hopes of Norbert Leo Butz or John Lithgow being in the touring cast. The people at the ticket office for the music hall even told me it was very rare that ever happened. I held out hope because I know better, at least one cast member does a tour.

So I saw a commercial for the musical being her, it will be at music hall from Oct. 3-22, I'm going on the twentieth I think. I have to check my tickets again. But it says that Norbert is going to play Freddy for six of the tour dates and Dallas 'me' is one of them.

I am so pysched because when Wicked came through Stephanie Block was playing Elphaba and she came out the back door to see us all. I'm hoping now that Norbert will do the same so I can get him to sign my Wicked book for Fiyero and my Dirty Rotten Scoundrels program.

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Holy flippin cow [19 Sep 2006|08:20pm]

So, uh...guess who has tickets to see Wicked three times while it's in town?...Oh, oh my gosh! That's right! It's <i>me</i>! *does happy jig* I'm so freaking excited. Especially for Megan Hilty because her uncle was my high school chemistry teacher and I also recently met her high school choir teacher. Small world, eh? Anyway, YAY!
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[17 Sep 2006|05:33pm]

[ mood | bored ]



I am currently reading the novel (I’m on page 199).  I saw the musical last Christmas at the Kennedy Center (Is there a way I find out who played the leads on that leg of the tour?)

I had no idea what to expect from the book, aside from people telling me that it was “different” than its musical adaptation. Needless to say I was a bit surprised by the darkness of the novel. Nevertheless I am enjoying it, though Maguire is a wordy fellow (I am going to guess that he did very well on the verbal element of his GRE)!  

I feel as though the love affair between Fiyero and Elphaba blindsides readers and had I not seen the musical first I would have thought I missed something in fact, I still wonder… Are there any preludes to this earlier in the book?





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Defying gravity in the Windy City [08 Sep 2006|09:44pm]


I just got back from the weekend performance of Wicked! in Chicago. I thought that all in all it was very good. Stacie Morgain Lewis who played Glinda was just perfect. But they had some understudy, Jennifer DiNoia playing Ellphaba. Lets just say her performance was less than stellar. I was so disappointed with her. I hate it when they put people who can almost sing the parts in them. Anyway, all in all I thought it was great and the Oriental theater is really an incredible structure. The moldings etc are just fantastic.

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hello! [06 Sep 2006|02:38pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

My name's Irene, and I'm new to this wonderful community! And I would just like to say....I LOVE Wicked, it's amazing. I love the book, the play, the music. All of the above. I've seen it now...two times on Broadway. I unfortunately forget who was in it the first time I saw it, but I do remember it being awesome. And I know the second time I saw Wicked it was with Eden Espinosa, and that was amazing also. I LOVE Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth. They are just...wow. fantastico. I've also been obsessed with the music ever since I first saw it last year. I can play most of the songs on the piano (not really related, but I can do the same with Rent songs) and sing all the songs, and my friend and I even casted people from our class as characters from Wicked, cause we're freaks like that.

what can I say? I'm a Wicked freak, so I bet I'll have fun with this community=)

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am i allowed [30 Aug 2006|06:33pm]

[ mood | sad ]

am i allowed to ask if anyone has read Son of A Witch?
i bought it when it first came out, but have been afraid to read it.

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Wicked in Windy City [20 Aug 2006|05:42pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Guess who just got to see Wicked!!! yep, that's right, ME!!! I was veryvery excited!!! Elphaba was Kristy Cates and G(a)linda was Kate Loprest.The music was even more amazing live (if it's possible for it to be more amazing!) yay!! long live Wicked!!!

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