yOu think u can blOw Our mindz?

not every one survives

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1- Apply within 48 Hours of joining.
2- The subject line must read "Here To Blow Your Mind"
3- Pictures must clearly show what you look like.
4- No less than 3 pictures
5- Answer every question on the application, and try to make it original.
6- Please be respectful to members and mods-we are just telling you the truth.
7- Lj-cut please If you dont know how to LJ cut-go to FAQ or ask someone who does know how.
8- No voting until your accepted.

1- When voting, please use either yes or no on the subject line. If you wish to put an opinion-go for it.
2- You must stay active, and you must promote.
3- Be as truthful as you wish

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01. Name-
02. Birthday-
03. Age-
04. Status-
05. Favorite Bands-
06. Hobbies-

Your Opinion:
07. Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transexual Relationship-
08. Religion-
09. Abortion-
10. The President-

11. Do you blow peoples minds-
12. On a scale from 1-10 what do you rate yourself ( 10 bein the hottest ) ?
13. What will you bring to the community-
14. Promote us to a journal/community, and leave the link to prove it-
15. Whats your favorite feature/least favorite feature-
16. Who's your idol, and why-
17. Pictures (3+)-

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