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Watching our sun go down together..

It's easy to see, baby, you and me will be there when the end goes down.

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This is a community for people like Us. We don't really know what us means, but a lot of depressed people and selfinjuring people find solace in the comforting surroundings and attitudes of the community at hand... please be considerate and respectful to other people. Helpful people also are great, read the rules and that is about it!


1) ..I will say this only once. Be kind to all members of this community, reguardless if you are a member or not. I will have no discrimination, racism, sexism, genderbashing or any of the like. Those are types of things I can't tolerate and I will not allow here. If you are caught saying one thing out of line, you are gone. There is a fine line between discussing your opinions and telling someone they're an idiot because their beliefs are different than your own. Please be aware of that line, you will recieve no more warning.
2) All things of an R rating (text, photo, link, etc) must be behind an LJ-cut. This isn't to be annoying to you, I just want to protect those who have no wish to see those things. Also, if you know your post is going to be exceptionally long, you may want to put it in an LJ-cut, although it is not required.

If you follow those rules, you will be all set to enjoy the community and everything we have to offer as a set group of people.
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