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hey i just joined this community but anyways i really need support at the moment because i havent cut in a really long time i think its actually been 2 months but the craving is soo strong right now n im having trouble holding bac the tears i can feel them rising i feel so alone and hurt...ive been hooking up with this guy and i found out he doesnt like me after all and i shuld be used to this by now u know being disappointed by guys but it still hurts a lot and i liked him i wouldve goneo out w. him i really want a new bf but its soo hard to find one because right now all the guys are just about hooking up thats all they want its not fair bc then if we do hook up with them were considered slutty now idk what to do i feel so lost and alone i feel like anytime i get close to having another bf it just ends really quickly anytime good things happen horrible stuff follows..i hope this community helps
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