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been a while in hell.

i have been cut free for like a few months...except when all of my friends completely ditched me for real...not like they left me for some hot guy at the mall but like they all ganged up on me and started rejecting me. I hated everything, the world i had wasn't worth crap, the friends i had died. the life i lived not worth anything anymore and i couldn't take it....i just started cutting and cutting and cutting and when i stopped i got a phone call from morgan who wasn't really a friend then but was like an aquaintance. and she was "tell me whats wrong" i told her and she told me that my friend sofy was sorry and that to forget lori and kelly, to tell them screw themselves that i was my own person and that what they thought meant nothing to me. i thought about it and agreed, if some one is your best of best friends then they shouldn't get rid of you the first sign of a problem, and thanks to morgan i live a better life because i don't care about my friends opinion or them if that means i feel like crap and cut here is to those who care for what others think because in the long hall they disappear, but scars are forever! so don't listen to fake people.
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