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i really have no answer...and i am tired of looking

wow i havent written in here in what seems like forver...but im sure i was forgotten just like smoke dissolving in the air.

yes. well i didnt stop writting because i have been ive neglected you all becasue i am simply incapable of doing anything.

my thoughts have grown darker then ever and i now ponder death every waking min.

so i try to sleep all day and all the time so my thoughts dont get the best of me and devour me from inside out.

i can no longer hold myself up.
i can not blame who i am on any one but me.
no no i cannot do much right now.
but i can do one thing.

go ahead tell me i am weak, tell me i amcraving attention, tell me it will be ok,
go ahead tell me all of that...but i will be deaf to it. because despite what u think..u are wrong. i am not fine....ok and i dont do anything for attention...i could care lesss about ppl and humanity..hell i lost what i had left of me the day he took his life.

my scars go deeper then what is on my skin.
my pain goes deep inside of my heart...
infact my pain comes from within.
how do u stop something that u create?
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