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A Cutter Cross-Cultural Experience

I've been working to reduce the negativity and trolling on livejournal, and a few people under my watch have been provoking cutters. I'm sure you know who these people are, and I apologize on their behalf. I've told them over and over that, unless they experience the day-to-day pain of razors through flesh, they cannot judge you.

I'm here to make amends on behalf of the trolls, and to prove it, I'll be cutting soon. Just for a day, so that I may understand your side of the story. I tried doing it with the letter opener I had immediately at hand, but it proved too dull to do the job.

Any suggestions you can offer would be great. Like, what's your favorite cutting instrument....what music should I play in the background? I know pictures are a must.

I hope that in doing this I may open a new channel between those who suffer from cutting and those who misjudge them.
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