slowly_dying000 (slowly_dying000) wrote in _bloody_sorrow_,

fuck the recovery process

recovery is pointless. seriously, the therapist my mother sent me to today sucked, altho i humored myself by being a mute for 50 min. wasting money is fun i suppose, but then of course i had to get my head ripped off on the way home about how not talking is worse. thats funny it took her about 4 yrs to realize something is wrong with me....and now she thinks i need help, maybe help would have worked before but im to far in now, im to far into my grave that getting out is gonna take more then some therapist.

im not an angry person, well maybe i am but i think my anger is justified. isnt it? i mena i have had a fucked up past, adn ill prolly have a fucked up future, something u cant change and somethings u can.....i just wish this would all go away, but i gave up n wishes that will never come true along time ago

without him here.....i feel so empty, is that what he wanted??
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