February 7th, 2007

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don't you hate when everything is soo good but then it all just instantly disappears? it makes cutting all the more tempting. i;m trying to stay strong and think positive but sometimes it's just so hard as you all know. also i don;t understand why when i'm doing great and i'm really happy and then one little thing can bring me down to rock bottom does anyoen else have this?
right now i have 3 guys imparticular that r on my mind. all three have had their ass hole moments and now idk what is going on and i'm so confused because they're always sending me mixed signals which i hate why can't they just be straightforward i mean yea i know its hard but they could at least help me out here. it's too long and complicated to put all the details of these guys soo i'm just gonna leave it like this but i have to say just writing this has helped me feel a little bit better.
let me just ask you all who would u pick

1. a guy who makes you think he likes you but when he realizes there might be much more stops talking for a little but then comes back after awhile but doesnt want a relationship but still wants to talk about what you would do together and about each other

2. a guy who wants to do stuff together seems to like you but doesn't seem to want to get to know you that well

3. a guy who is horny but wants to get to know you but seems to only want to hu but also hints to wanting more if u say u want more (but i'm not sure about whether or not i like him yet)

tell me what you think bc i'm lost and i guess you could say i've had "things" with all three. I hate things because they either lead to nowhere, pain, or being trapped

sorry that the descriptions aren't soo good but please let me know what you think as soon as you can
xo love you all
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