December 3rd, 2006


(no subject)

sooooo yeah, I am depressed. Not the normal depressed but the sick to my stomach, can't smile at all depressed.

I miss my college so badly, most of all the people there, you go form spending practicly all day with people to not seeing them at all. Its depressing, its really really depressing.
The guy I thought I liked; it turned out, I really like him alot but as a really good friend. I know that shouldn't make me sad but it does.
My little brother got mad at me so he smashed my laptop on the corner of the couch armrest. Theres a little mountain on the other side of the laptop. He is buying me a new one, but I still can't belive he did that. I really want to go back and see my friends. Most of my high school friends have a different christmas break scheduale than me so they aren't back from college till mostly the week of christmas. Normally this is my favorite time of year but I am just so depressed.
My older brother is in iraq, I heard form him today but I am still worried sick. And one of my uncles who has lukemia also had to have open heart surgery.

I'm trying to lose wieght but I keep eating because I'm so sad.
Damn I have got to stop.

So anyway how are you all?