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A BLOOD community

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Blue Moon

Welcome to _BLOOD. A community about the Visuel band from Osaka, Japan.

[xx] This Community is for fans to gather and discuss, share, and make friends with other BLOOD fans. This band is fairly new and doesn't have a lot of recognition. This is why this community was created.

[xx] There may be other communities out there for BLOOD but not a lot,(I've only found ONE) if you are in one or have seen one, please tell me about it, this way I know I am not alone lol =)

[xx] About the Community   
[x]_BLOOD is a brand new community //formed in 04// but not the only one. Only reason this one got started is because I had a belief that there were no other BLOOD Communities out there. I went on searches and I got tons of "Blood" related communities. lol. Currently I found one but thats...it..but now there are TWO lol ^_^..Welcome to _BLOOD

[x]Please stay on topic, since this is a community for band,BLOOD

[x] Don't disrespect the other members of the community. If you have a problem with someone in the community, please inform one of the moderators.

[x] Have fun. We are here to support this band.

//Looking for another Moderator\\

Sites About BLOOD   
[x] Transfusion

//If there are any other BLOOD communities, please tell me =)\\

[X] If I can find anymore really good BLOOD Sites, I will post them in a heartbeat. If you have any good BLOOD please tell me about them =)

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~Thank You Much =)
blood, j-rock, japan, visuel bands, visuel kei