Austin, TX // 9.15.07 // Emo's venue

Dr. Strangeluv
Spring and by Summer Fall
Equally Damaged
In Particular
Misery is a Butterfly
Falling Man
Top Ranking
(We Are A Real Team) Harry & I
The Dress

Opening for the band was School of Seven Bells and The National.
Tickets for the show could only be purchased online and it STILL sold out.
They put on an incredible act. I took photos of the band,
Kazu's japanese tab notebook, and their pedal set.
I also uploaded video I recorded of Strangeluv, Top Ranking, and Silently
to youtube. Here, have some.
Images & video behind the cutter.Collapse )
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Arya Stark

Lots of "so's"

OMFG. It was so much better than the first time I saw them(9:30 club)! SO it was in Baltimore at the Rams Head. Which is such a fucking nice place. The first band was Beach House...and they were a little lame. So the first band ends and Ryan and I walk right up and we're on the stage. Sooooo yeah. I was kind of sad about the crowd. There was like NO ONE there. and they were so fucknig lame. Like most people were just standing there looking pissed off. I was dancing the entire time. People actually cleared for me so I could dance RIGHT UP FRONT! And I did. Get out mah way this is my FAVORITE BAND! And they fucking killed it! They played 2 more songs than last time and they changed the set list a bit.

I was so into it this time I don't really remember...but these are for sure.

1. Dr. Strangluv
2. In Particular
3. Eqvvs
4. Falling Man
5. SW
6. Spring and by Summer Fall
7. Publisher
8. Melody
9. Silently
10. Melody of a certain three (They were FUCKING INSANE ON THIS SONG OMGOMGOMG)
11. slow song
12. 23
And one other I can't remember.

I think they killed it. I mean omg it was so amazing. Kazu was so drunk HAHA. At the end of the song she held up her glass of wine, emptied it, and then said,"Uh...Can I get another please!?" haha. And then they took forever bringing her her drink so she got mad. And while the middle of the song she took her glass and turned it upside down and slammed it on the table! HAHA and it fell and then the guy ran up really quick with a new glass! HAHAHA it was so great. And she was soooo talkative. She talked to us a lot. Some idiot next to me was like watch out for your donkey!" And he yelled it...and I was like,"'s a horse" duh. I mean...DUH. Hello she loves horses...even after her accident. So then she talkie talkie talkie. AND I LOVED IT!! She's so beautiful. And she kept saying,"sorry I'm a little...heh...drunk" lol. And they told us this was there last tour date and to help them because they were tired but they loved us. So I screamed really loud. And Simone kept looking at me. And when he did I pointed at him and gave him the,"Your the man" face and he smiled and laughed! HAHA I love him. He is like the greatest drummer my opinion. Like I even said to Ryan(my boyfriend) after the show,"Simone kept looking at me!!" and he was like,"I KNOW! I saw that I was like...Awesome!" And my boyfriend LOVED THEM! He'd never really heard them before this! Like he thinks Simone is completely awesome! He said that This concert blew away Metallica. which previous to this was his favorite concert ever! I mean Amadeo was jumping all over and on the ground and KAzu was dancing like crazy. It was there last show so I assume they were pulling out all the stops, you know! And I'm so angry because I could have gotten way more pictures and some great videos! My phone died 3 seconds after 23 I have 3 seconds about of 23. So it was incredible. and like last time...I was sitting at the bar and I turn around and there is Amadeo...and then Simone walks by! They always hang out in the crowd before their show. Oh and WTF everyone kept yelling,"AMADEO" or "KazU" so I was giving mad props to Simone! Honestly though, he's my favorite member. HAHAHA. It was so great! AHHH I love you Blonde Redhead!!!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


I've been trying to find an BR shirt that's from their 23 tour that's white & blue that looks like a polo shirt with printed with the 23 album cover logo in the corner. When I was at Lollapalooza, they took them down after only one day because BR left >_<.

Anyone alive in this community?

I plan on picking up the album when it arrives, but I didn't pass up the
opportunity on an early leak of the album. Anyone else listen in?
I don't think it's as well layered and memorable as their last two albums, but
it's definitely worth buying.
IMO, here are some of the best tracks:
1. 23
2. Dr. Strangeluv
6. Silently
7. Publisher

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