she's an uptown girl (boome) wrote in _blinkaway,
she's an uptown girl

I am going to be a picturewhore.

Well it's been a long a dreary path since last may but it seems that many of us are coming out okay.

Our lives have changed, and I'd like to show you what I've seen, in pictures:

We used to be sheltered and protected and it was fun while it lasted, We wanted to hold on as we hugged for what felt like a brief moment but could have been as long as eternity and we wouldnt have noticed. We started school in August with long faces looking around wondering why we were there in a huge school unable to hug everyone you met and just sit and talk to anyone whenever you needed someone...

Slowly time went on...Until we began smiling again

until we moved away from our little arborridge circles at lunch

until we began befriending new people

we met strange new people whos company we began to enjoy

we kept old friends and made new

some of us even changed the way we looked

the important thing is...we started to smile again, enjoy life

We got to know new people that we wouldn't have gotten to know if we had kept ourselves shielded from the world.

While leaving arbor ridge forever it seemed like the worst possible thing in the world, "make new friends? why? I like the friends I have" And I do, I love my old friends, I love my new friends. I love you all so very much, and I hope that perhaps this has brought a smile to your face, even a small one, because whenever I know someone is thinking of me, it makes me smile too

sending lots of love, bhumi

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