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I had a dream about arbor ridge just now. It was Miguel, Courtney, Brittney, Valery and I all hanging behind the tech lab. Then it started raining and thundering so we ran to the shelter by the middle school lunch room. You know where the water fountins are. So we were running up and down that hall way. I remember everytime it rained hard we would always get wet by that open area where there was only that tree (the one that one day its gonna bust the roof).

Good dream?

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    November 4, starting today poultry products made from tissue that has been mechanically removed from scraps and already stripped carcasses -- the…

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    i saw mr.tayge at publix today (well at least i think it was him he was in the junk food section)

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    i was wondering if any of u people are going back in 2015 for the casket opening?

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