Dennis Yarizadeh (archerarrows5) wrote in _blinkaway,
Dennis Yarizadeh

So, i havent updated in a while... I dont know why. Here is what my life is up too

So I have been studying the scripting of livejournal. I learned the true effects of Global_Head=> was...

I cleaned my flute really good.. Its super shiny. I used a fourmla to give it a shiny tent. Its so aw-some.

A lot of my friends made superior in solo and ensemble. The ones i know are - Miguel/Chelsea, Kaity, Valery, Andera, Chelsea/Leah, and a whole bunch of other people (congrats to you all)...

Kristina's friends called me and started to call me stud muffin and stuff. Shes like "Why are you single?" I replyed "Girls at winter park dont Appreciate me enough..." haha thats pretty true. Her friends are aw-some.

I have been debating politics a lot lately. I kick so much butt in it.

I have been keeping up my daily 2-3 mile runs. *so exhausted*

I might join water polo.

I got moved into honors science. The class is still easy even though its honors. It is also scorching hot in there. I cant take it. I also have "B" lunch now.

Im getting all A's on my playing tests. Bassoon = way too easy!

Im going back to mister Decker. Hes cool. Hes like the energizer bunny; he keeps going and going and going!

Ah i gtg! Now you know what my life is up to!


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